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What if Overwatch but cats is the best animated short yet


I hope the rest of the internet is paying attention, because Blizzard just showed how to use cats as a force for good. They've commissioned an animated Overwatch short from Dillon Gu that ties in with "Ana's Bastet Challenge", a cosmetic-grabbing event about how Ana used to fight crime dressed as a cat. I'm going to stop typing now so you can see it sooner.

Watch on YouTube

It works, dunnit? I adore those musical flourishes, and the perfect timing of that 'pan to fish' shot. I like Catana's never-changing non-plussed expression, too, and how the short encapsulates the experience of anyone who's ever tried to use Ana's sleep dart on a public server. This is silly and good and I want more.

I found more! Du's been dipping his paws into a world of Overwatch cats for nearly a year now - here's a 17 minute compilation.

The short is a one hundred percent accurate retelling of this short story from Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu. I've skimmed it, and as far as I can tell it's more about the perils of ageing and the moral pitfalls of vigilantism than cool acrobatics.

Anyway yes, the cat mask is a cosmetic. You have to win nine games before January 21st in any mode to earn it. You can also grab a player icon, a victory pose, and yet more icons if you watch certain Twitch streams. Blizzard explain it all here.

That's all well and good, but cats they are not. People used to make skin mods for TF2, right? Is a cat-based Overwatch overhaul too much to ask? Can I at least have that fellow with the jetpack?

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