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Battlefield 4 Patch Will 'Fix' The Elevator Catapult

BF4 patch detailed

I remember back in the early '90s, when RPS came with two disks taped to the front and a sheet of stickers inside. Back then, when internet connections were slow, those disks were the best way to get the enormous patches that developers would release for games, and that made those updates a kind of curse. Why couldn't developers just get it right the first time?

Patches are now a good thing, but today I remembered that old taste of frustration: Battlefield 4 is removing the elevator catapults.

In a post on the Battlefield 4 blog, DICE's Vincent Vukovic outlines the changes they're making based on player feedback. That includes some good news, in the form of a promise to fix the performance issues that currently make the game run like a dog coated in velcro. But also this:

The elevator catapult (All platforms)
Although an interesting concept, elevators were never designed to act as a catapult or teleporter. The bug where the elevator button would catapult you up into the air is fixed for the final game. But we did enjoy all the crazy videos you’ve posted. Thanks!

Videos like this one.

The blog post has a complete list of changes, and mostly they're about tweaking the muzzle flash of this and the kill responsiveness of that, but the elevator cannons will be missed.

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