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Battlefield V headed to the Pacific theatre this autumn

Return to Iwo Jima this autumn

After scrapping around Europe and North Africa, Battlefield V will next bounce over to the far side of World War 2, headed to the Pacific theatre later this year. US and Japanese armies will arrive to scrap with new weapons and vehicles on new maps, including vintage Battlefield map Iwo Jima. EA have shown wee teasers of this before but it's proper official now, blasted out during their E3 show.

The Pacific theatre will arrive with Chapter 5 of the FPS, starting some time in autumn. It'll kick off with three Pacific maps, including Iwo Jima, along with those US and Japanese armies, new weapons including the pingtastic M1 Garand, and new vehicles. Boats are coming, yep, as well as amphibious vehicles. I'm tired enough today that I briefly got lost in thought imagining a boat growing legs to lumber up a beach. Probably not.

EA also showed more of the upcoming Chapter 4 maps they recently announced. Also in the pipeline: private games, and a max rank increase from 50 to 500.

Here, you can see those wars and hear plenty of chat about them in the archive of today's E3 stream:

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