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Best Outriders Technomancer build: solo and endgame builds with the Technomancer skill tree

Here are the best Technomancer builds in Outriders

The four classes in Outriders each offer unique approaches to killing, healing, and becoming utterly overpowered with the right gear and skills. The Technomancer is no exception: follow the below walkthrough to create the very best Outriders Technomancer build, and you'll find that no enemy can withstand more than a couple of seconds of your anomalous onslaughts.

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Note: If you're not playing as the Technomancer, why not check out our other pages on the best builds for the Devastator, the Pyromancer, and the Trickster?

Cover image for YouTube videoOutriders | Updated DPS Technomancer Build Guide (v3.0) + Challenge Tier 15 Gameplay

Best Outriders Technomancer solo build

The very best Technomancer build makes use of the class's greatest strength, which currently is its unbelievable damage potential. This build is based on the above video by YouTuber "SOLIDFPS", and delves deep into the Pestilence branch of the skill tree to max out your weapon damage.

The three skills you'll need for this solo Technomancer build are Blighted Rounds, Blighted Turret, and Cold Snap. The vast majority of your damage potential comes from Blighted Rounds, which is probably the single strongest skill in the game right now, but Blighted Turret can also end up dealing tonnes of damage with this class setup. Cold Snap freezes enemies and deals a good amount of damage, but it serves here as your main source of escaping danger.

Technomancer solo build: Skill Tree

As mentioned, this solo Technomancer build focuses exclusively on the Pestilence branch of the Technomancer skill tree, granting enormous bonuses to weapon damage, particularly against enemies inflicted with the Toxic status effect (which you'll be doing all the time thanks to your Blighted abilities.

The diagram below shows exactly which path to take down the Technomancer's skill tree for this build:

A diagram of the Technomancer skill tree in Outriders, with the necessary skills for our best solo build highlighted.

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Technomancer solo build: equipment and mods

Here are the essential bits of equipment and mods that you'll need to make this solo Technomancer build as powerful as possible:

  • Weapon: Amber Vault, Legendary Double Gun (Killing Spree: Killing shots increase damage by 25% for this weapon for 20s. Bonus deteriorates with time and stacks up to 3 kills)
  • Mod: Toxic Lead (Killing enemies afflicted with Toxic will instantly replenish 40% of ammo in your magazine)
  • Mod: Spare Mag (Blighted Rounds is active for one additional magazine before triggering the cooldown)
  • Mod: Ice Component (Blighted Turret now inflicts Freeze instead of Toxic)
  • Mod: Resistance Breaker (Shots decrease your target's Resistance by 35% for 6s)

Aside from these pieces, you'll just want gear which boosts your firepower and weapon damage in some way, along with a couple of mods to increase your survivability, such as Emergency Stance and Damage Absorber.

With these mods and pieces of gear equipped and augmented by your powers, you'll be able to shred enemies like no other class or build in Outriders. You should never run out of Blighted Rounds thanks to Toxic Lead, and your Turret and Cold Snap powers help greatly with crowd control, preventing enemies from overwhelming you until you can deal with them safely.

Cover image for YouTube videoNO BLIGHT ROUNDS Cryo Technomancer End Game CT15 Build|COMET WINDS|Outriders Builds No Blight Rounds

Best Outriders Technomancer endgame build

For the sake of variety I wanted to include a viable Technomancer endgame build that didn't rely on Blighted Rounds for once. Happily, the above video by YouTuber "Kree" showcases one such build which works wonders in co-op endgame missions, and interestingly relies upon stacks of damaging weapon effects for the majority of its power.

You'll need Cold Snap, Cryo Turret, and Blighted Turret to perfect this Technomancer build. Thanks to the same Ice Component mod we used in the previous build, you can turn all three abilities into freezing powers, which will help enormously when tackling groups of strong enemies, particularly in co-op.

Technomancer endgame build: Skill Tree

The majority of your class points in this endgame Technomancer build will be invested in the Tech Shaman branch of the skill tree, granting high survivability but also - thanks to Exposing Frost and Marked For Execution midway down the branch - very high damage against frozen enemies.

Take a look at the below diagram to see where to place your class points on the skill tree for this build:

A diagram of the Technomancer skill tree in Outriders, with the necessary skills for our best endgame build highlighted.

Technomancer endgame build: equipment and mods

Here are some of the highest recommended mods and equipment pieces for this Technomancer build:

  • Armour: Borealis Monarch set - Upper, Lower, Gloves (+10% weapon damage vs Frozen enemies. Also, +90% crit damage for all party members for 8s after Cold Snap usage)
  • Weapon: Funeral Pyre, Legendary Shotgun (Shadow Comet: Shots call down a comet, dealing damage to enemies within a 3.5m radius)
  • Weapon: The Anemoi, Legendary Shotgun (Moaning Winds: Reloading creates a strong blast around you, dealing damage to enemies in range of 8m)
  • Mod: Ice Component (Blighted Turret now inflicts Freeze instead of Toxic)

I'd recommend stacking multiple sets of Shadow Comet and Moaning Winds on your weaponry just like Kree has done in the video. The area-of-effect damage is magnified by your focus on boosting damage against the enemies you freeze with your powers.

Beyond these, I'd again recommend you invest some mod slots in survivability, the best defensive mods being Emergency Stance and Damage Absorber. If you're not able to tank and recover from the enemy onslaught then you won't be around to deliver the incredible damage boost to your entire team which makes this endgame build so powerful for co-op play.

That's our best Outriders Technomancer builds, ready for you to adopt as needed. If you need a bit of help reaching the top tiers, why not take a look at our page on fast World Tier farming in Outriders?

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