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Best Outriders Devastator build: solo and endgame builds with the Devastator skill tree

The best Outriders Devastator builds on offer

Out of the four classes in Outriders, the Devastator has the highest potential for sheer obstinate survivability. With the right Devastator build, you can get about as close to invulnerable as Outriders will allow: and lucky for you, we've got two such builds below.

Our best Outriders Devastator build guide will first walk you through an extremely powerful solo Devastator build, before delving into an equally powerful build designed for co-op endgame missions.

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Best Outriders Devastator solo build (Seismic)

First up is our best solo Devastator build, which focuses on the Seismic branch of the Devastator skill tree to greatly increase your anomaly power, while using liberal amounts of bleed damage to keep your health topped up. This build is heavily based on the build showcased in the above video by YouTuber Osterberg501.

The skills necessary for this solo Seismic build are Earthquake, Impale, and Golem. The last of these is enormously useful for keeping you tanky enough to stay alive while dashing around in close quarters with lots of enemies; and thanks to our path down the skill tree (more on this below), it also dramatically boosts the power of your two other skills, which is where all your burst damage is going to come from.

Devastator solo build: Skill Tree

This solo Devastator build, like many others, invests almost exclusively in Seismic Shifter, the bottom branch of the Devastator skill tree. Take a look at the below diagram to see exactly which nodes you need to pick up.

A diagram of the Devastator skill tree in Outriders, with the necessary skills for our best solo build highlighted.

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Devastator solo build: equipment & mods

There is only really one set of equipment which I consider to be necessary for this Devastator build: the Seismic Commander armour set. The armour pieces in this set will drastically boost your status power and the strength of your abilities with a multitude of powerful mods; and having at least 3 pieces from the set will grant you an incredible 50% boost to damage towards enemies who are Bleeding.

Besides this, I'd suggest a strong automatic weapon such as Thunderbird, the Legendary Assault Rifle, because its lightning effect scales with your anomaly power and it also boosts your status effect (i.e. bleed) power to boot. Another key mod in this build is Fortress, for dramatically boosting your damage based on your armour.

With all this gear supplementing your build, you'll find you can nuke down even elites with your abilities, as long as you use them in the right order (Golem first, because it increases the damage of your Earthquake and Impale). And the extreme heal you receive from bleed means as long as you fire regularly at all nearby enemies, you're nearly invulnerable even at the highest World Tiers and Challenge Tiers.

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Best Outriders Devastator endgame build (Vanquisher Warden)

You can certainly use the above build for co-op endgame play if you like, but there is an even stronger build for raids with your friends. This tanky endgame build is more or less identical to YouTuber Angry Turtle's excellent Devastator build above, and rather unusually it doesn't reach the end of any of the three skill tree branches.

The skills you'll need for this build are Golem, Reflect Bullets, and Tremor. You might be tempted to switch Tremor for Earthquake or something similar, but there's a good reason to keep them: when all the pieces of this build come together, you'll be a nearly invulnerable jack-of-all-trades Devastator who can enormously boost the strength of the entire team.

Devastator endgame build: Skill Tree

As mentioned before, it's quite unusual to find a top-tier build that doesn't reach the end of a skill tree: but that's exactly what's going on with this Devastator endgame build, which splits itself between the Vanquisher and Warden branches to strike a balance between damage and tankiness. The nodes you'll need for this build are highlighted in the below diagram.

A diagram of the Devastator skill tree in Outriders, with the necessary skills for our best endgame build highlighted.

Devastator endgame build: equipment & mods

Imperative for this build is the Statue Armour set. With 3 of the 5 Statue pieces equipped, you and your allies will receive double firepower and weapon leech every time you use Tremor or Golem - which is pretty much all the time. I'd recommend you try to equip the entire Statue set though, because they grant some magnificent bonuses to both Tremor and Golem as well, from effect radius increase to extra armour and health regeneration, and much more. It's a phenomenal set, and the linchpin for this build.

Imploder is a fantastic Legendary Double Gun and a phenomenal choice for this Devastator build thanks to its extremely powerful AoE damage and crowd control, along with its amazing life leech potential. Another great shout is the Anemoi, a Legendary Shotgun which deals tremendous damage alongside great armour piercing and the Moaning Winds effect for added crowd control whenever you have to reload.

Overall you sacrifice a little bit of the damage and healing potential of the first build in this guide, but you more than make up for it by dramatically buffing the damage and survivability of your entire squad in co-op, which will make endgame raids a breeze.

That's all for our Outriders Devastator build guide. If you haven't quite reached the endgame yet, then while you're here you may wish to consult our Outriders story missions and side quests list.

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