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Outriders Auto Loot: how to use Auto Loot to pick up all loot automatically

Here's how the Outriders Auto Loot system works

Outriders, like all looter shooters, has the player spending a lot of time looking down at the floor vacuuming up all the loot dropped by enemies. Or it would do, if it hadn't also given us the wonderful Auto Loot feature which allows you to pick up all nearby loot with the press of a key. Keep reading to learn how to use Auto Loot in Outriders.

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Outriders Auto Loot: how to pick up all loot automatically

Certain bits of loot that enemies in Outriders drop, such as ammo and materials, are picked up automatically when you get near to them. But pieces of gear, such as new weapons and armour, have to be picked up manually.

Thankfully, Outriders has an Auto Loot feature which allows you to hoover up every bit of nearby loot with the tap of a button.

To use Auto Loot, tap the Auto Loot key (default "H") once, and any piece of dropped gear will instantly be teleported into your inventory. The range covers the entire area that you're currently in, so even if you're on the other side of the area from the gear, you'll still pick it up with Auto Loot.

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By default, Auto Loot is set to only pick up items of Epic rarity or higher. But you can change this in the Gameplay settings menu. Switch "Auto Loot Minimum Rarity" down to "Common", and you'll pick up every single piece of gear nearby just by tapping the Auto Loot key.

That's all there is to the amazingly useful Auto Loot feature in Outriders. Now why not take a look at our guide on World Tier farming in Outriders? Elsewhere there's our guide on the Outriders level cap.

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