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Best Outriders Pyromancer build: solo and endgame builds with the Pyromancer skill tree

Here are the best Pyromancer builds in Outriders

The Pyromancer is one of the flashiest classes in Outriders. Their proclivity for pyrotechnics affords them quite a bit of flexibility in their builds: you are free to focus on weapon damage or ability nuking potential as you see fit.

Below you'll find two of the best Outriders Pyromancer builds we've found, which offer very different but equally viable approaches to creating the strongest possible Pyromancer.

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Best Outriders Pyromancer solo build

Our first contender for the best Outriders Pyromancer build out there is an Ash Breaker build based on the build in the above video by YouTuber "LtBuzzLitebeer". This build focuses on obtaining maximum damage-per-second with weapons by inflicting the Ash status upon enemies and then ramping up your damage against Ashed enemies.

The three skills you'll need for this Pyromancer build are Volcanic Rounds, Overheat, and Feed The Flames. Because of our specific path through the skill tree, Overheat will dramatically increase your damage against all those affected by inflicting Burn and then Ash upon them, and also because you'll be getting a damage bonus whenever you use an "Explosive" skill. Feed The Flames is another Ash-inflicting skill to help tear through enemies, and of course Volcanic Rounds is the most essential skill here thanks to its insane boost to your DPS.

Pyromancer solo build: Skill Tree

This solo Pyromancer build delves deep into the Ash Breaker branch of the skill tree, boosting raw weapon damage at every opportunity and also picking up some very important traits, such as Incinerate (the moment Burn ends on an enemy, inflict Ash) and Ashes to Ashes (Ash also applies Vulnerable).

The below diagram shows exactly where you should spend your class points for this build:

A diagram of the Pyromancer skill tree in Outriders, with the necessary skills for our best solo build highlighted.

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Pyromancer solo build: equipment and mods

Here are the mods and equipment that you need to focus on picking up to make the most of this Pyromancer solo build:

  • Weapon: Amber Vault, Legendary Double Gun (Killing Spree: Killing shots increase damage by 25% for this weapon for 20 seconds. Bonus deteriorates with time and stacks up to 3 kills)
  • Mod: Extra Mag (Volcanic Rounds skill is effective for one additional magazine before triggering the cooldown)
  • Mod: Perpetuum Mobile (You instantly replenish your magazine if you kill an enemy with 35% or less ammo remaining in your magazine)
  • Mod: Third Degree (Increase weapon damage against enemies damaged by Overheat by 25% for 8s)
  • Mod: Ashen Boost (+20% damage vs enemies afflicted with Ash)
  • Mod: Crematorium (Killing shots create an explosion that inflicts Ash on enemies within a 7m radius)

Your primary aim with your mod setup should be to maximise your damage output against the enemies you target with your abilities; and also to ensure that your Volcanic Rounds basically never run out. Once you've got this sorted, you should spend all remaining mod slots on survivability, with mods like Not Impressed, Emergency Stance, and Damage Absorber.

Add all this together and you'll be able to rip through walls of level 50 enemies once you've activated your Volcanic Rounds and inflicted them all with Ash. The only downside is that you're not particularly tanky, so your DPS must be enough to take out foes quickly. This is why this build isn't necessarily the best choice for co-op endgame play. If that's a problem, consider checking out this next build.

Best Outriders Pyromancer endgame build

In stark contrast to the previous build, this endgame Pyromancer build focuses almost entirely on anomaly power rather than raw weapon damage. Designed by YouTuber "Chadly99" and showcased in the above video, this build revolves around the use of your crowd control abilities to nuke enemies while keeping yourself as tanky as possible.

You'll need to use Heatwave, Eruption, and Thermal Bomb for this build. Because of the equipment you'll be using (more on this below), the aim is to start off with a Heatwave that hits as many enemies as possible, which will enormously increase the power of your other abilities. Most of the time you'll find you can clear rooms without even firing a shot from your gun.

Pyromancer endgame build: Skill Tree

Curiously, this endgame Pyro build starts off in the Tempest branch of the skill tree, before skewing up into the central Fire Storm branch and staying there all the way until the final node. This combination gives you tremendous burn and anomaly damage, and no small amount of survivability either - which is essential for co-op endgame missions.

This diagram walks you through the route to take down the Pyromancer skill tree:

A diagram of the Pyromancer skill tree in Outriders, with the necessary skills for our best endgame build highlighted.

Pyromancer endgame build: equipment and mods

Here's what you'll need to equip your character with in order to perfect this endgame Pyromancer build:

  • Armor: Acari armour set - Head, Upper, and Lower Body (set bonus: every enemy damaged by Heatwave grants 50% Anomaly Power bonus for 10s)
  • Weapon: Deathshield, Legendary Shotgun (Fortress: Receive up to 43% damage bonus based on your Armor)

The Acari set is absolutely vital for this build, because it is what will provide you with the anomaly damage potential to burn through almost any enemy in seconds. Besides this, you'll want to stack up on anomaly power and status power to help your burn effects chew through their targets.

Ride The Wave is a great mod to have on one of your armour pieces for this build, as it allows you to use Heatwave again before it triggers the cooldown. Seeing as Heatwave is what the bulk of your damage potential relies upon, it's not hard to see why this would be useful. But you'll also need to devote a few mod slots to sheer survivability just like with the previous build, with mods such as Damage Absorber and Emergency Stance.

Those are our candidates for the best Outriders Pyromancer build out there right now. If you're still working through the campaign, why not take a look at our page on Outriders World Tier farming?

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