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Biomutant is still in the works, its developers confirm

Still no firm release date

Kung-fu animal action RPG Biomutant has been in the works for quite a while. Biomutant was announced back in 2017 and was then planning for a release the following year in 2018. Both of those years have come and gone and mum's been the word but Experiment 101 spoke up today to assure folks that the pretty apocalypse is still coming. "We've never been working on it harder and more focused than now!" they said.

There's still not a great lot to know about Biomutant, at least not in specific terms, but its list of features is hefty. You've got this rugged cat protagonist who will gain new abilities by being exposed to the elements in the open-world post-apocalypse. There's guns and big weapons for swingin' about. There's kung-fu fighting. There's crafting. You've got to unite a bunch of tribes to save the Tree of Life or somesuch. There was a small chunk of gameplay shown off in 2018 but that's still most of what's known about it.

You'd be forgiven for assuming that the entire game had gone off and quietly died somewhere what with missing its original (admittedly loose) release window by two years. Experiment 101, a new studio when they originally announced the kung-fu animals game, explained that "finishing a game is long, challenging, and unpredictable."

Alice0 noted back when Biomutant was first announced that its ambitions could prove dangerous. "If all of this comes together, it could be wild. It does also sound like a huge feature list which could threaten to crush a game if it doesn’t," she said. Experiment 101 seem to be living that reality right now, saying in today's post "The sheer magnitude, size, and length of Biomutant adds to said effort."

What about a new release window then? E101 are apparently not even ready to commit to a year again. "We will reveal the release date as soon as everyone at our studio feels confident about hitting that date," they say. Well, far be it from me to push for a commitment from a game that's just not ready. It may be a while yet before we hear anything more definitive than this about Biomutant.

You can wishlist it on Steam.

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