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Biomutant hazard zones: how to get through hot, cold, biohazardous, radioactive, and no oxygen zones

How to get through all the Biomutant hazard zones

Biomutant's hazard zones are among the most inhospitable and dangerous areas in the game. Without sufficient protection, you cannot stay in a hazard zone for very long without losing health and dying.

Learn how to travel through hazard zones in Biomutant below. We'll cover the five different hazard zones and resistance types, and how to improve your resistances.

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How to get through harzard zones in Biomutant

There are five different types of hazard zone in Biomutant, and they all work in very much the same way. When you enter a hazard zone, a notification will pop up in the top-right corner with a percentage that slowly ticks up (or down, if you're in the so-called Deadzone). Some hazard zones will start to damage you over time, first slow but getting more and more dangerous as the percentage increases. Others will do nothing until you reach 100% (or 0% in the Deadzone), after which your health chunks down to zero in a couple of seconds.

The rate at which this percentage changes is dictated by your Resistances. We talk about resistances a little on our Biomutant best class and character creation page. These resistances are:

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Biohazardous
  • Radioactive
  • Oxygen (Deadzone)

The higher a certain resistance type, the longer you can survive in that type of hazard zone.

There are two ways to increase your resistance. The first is by spending perk points to increase a certain resistance by 10% each time. The second is by equipping gear with bonuses to specific resistance types.

If you reach 100% resistance then you are fully immune to that type of hazard zone. The moment you put your toe in a new type of hazard zone, you'll be given a side-quest to use a Ping-Dish to find a suit which offers particularly strong protection against that type of hazard.

A Biomutant screenshot of a Ping Dish.

It's useful to complete these quests and get the protective gear but it's not necessary, because you can reach high or even 100% resistance with any mish-mash of gear.

It's also useful to remember that, as long as you're not underground or in combat, you can fast travel out of a hazard zone, which is useful if you're running out of time. You can also counteract the damage effects with sufficient quality and quantity of healing items.

That's all you need to know about hazard zones in Biomutant and how to overcome them. For more information on Experiment 101's huge open-world RPG, check out our Biomutant tips and tricks.

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