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Biomutant Glider: how to unlock the Airglider and glide across great distances

Here's how to glide in Biomutant using the Airglider upgrade

Biomutant gives players a fair few ways to move about the map and explore. One of these is the Airglider, an Automaton upgrade which enables you to glide instead of falling, allowing you to cover much greater distances in a short space of time.

On this page I'll walk you through how to unlock the Airglider in Biomutant and how to glide once you've got the upgrade.

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How to unlock the Airglider in Biomutant

The Airglider is one of four upgrades to your little automaton critter friend. Each of these upgrades is tied to a set of side quests known as "mirages". Each time you complete a mirage quest you'll get to choose one of the Automaton upgrades.

So to unlock the ability to glide in Biomutant, you should prioritise finding one of these mirages. At each mirage location is a big fluffy ursine character holding a lantern. They look like this:

A Biomutant screenshot of one of the "mirage" side quest characters who you can interact with to delve into a past memory.
Interact with these fellas to relive a memory and unlock an Automaton upgrade.

Here's the location of one such mirage spot, and it's fairly close to where you begin so it won't take long to reach:

A screenshot of part of the Biomutant map, with a "mirage" side quest location highlighted where you can unlock the Airglider automaton upgrade.
Here's one location where you can unlock the Airglider.
A screenshot of part of the Biomutant map, with a "mirage" side quest location highlighted where you can unlock the Airglider automaton upgrade.
The same location zoomed in.

Interact with the character and you'll start to relive a memory. Each memory in this set of side quests is a practice fight with a disciple of your Mooma's way back in the day. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose this fight; you'll still get the choice to upgrade your Automaton at the end.

To gain the ability to glide, pick the "Unlock the Airglider" option when prompted.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Automaton upgrade unlock screen, with the Airglider upgrade highlighted.
All of the Automaton upgrades are useful, but by far the most useful is the Airglider.

How to glide in Biomutant

With the Airglider unlocked, you will now be able to glide in Biomutant. It's not the fastest method of getting around (that accolade will obviously have to go to the Biomutant fast travel points), but it's faster than walking, and a lot of fun too. To try it out, head to a sheer drop, jump once, then press and hold jump a second time. At the end of your double-jump you'll whip out the Airglider and start to glide in the direction you're facing.

Once the Airglider is out you can stop holding down jump, and you'll keep on gliding. You can change the direction of the glide by turning the camera and using the movement keys.

You can angle yourself downward to increase the speed at which you drop. To stop gliding, just attack and the glider wings will disappear. Don't worry, there's no fall damage in Biomutant.

That's how you unlock the ability to glide in Biomutant. Give it a try: it's really great for crossing large distances as long as there's a hill or mountain nearby. While you're here you may also want to check out our page on how to change your appearance in Biomutant.

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