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Biomutant Transmog: is there a Transmog feature in Biomutant?

Learn whether you can change gear appearance in Biomutant

Whenever a new RPG like Biomutant approaches, you know that a portion of the playerbase is going to start asking questions about Transmog. Does Biomutant have Transmog? Does it need such a system? What even is Transmog? Learn the answers to all these questions below.

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Is there a Transmog system in Biomutant?

Cutting to the chase: there is no Transmog system in Biomutant which allows you to change the appearance of a piece of armour or equipment without changing its stats.

Transmog (short for "transmogrification") is a mechanic of various different RPGs and looter shooters, which gives players the ability to change a piece of equipment - say, a helmet - to look like another similar piece of equipment, without changing any of the original piece's stats. So if you have a very powerful piece of gear but don't like the look of it, you can "Transmog" it to look like a much better-looking piece of gear, without altering the power of the original.

The reasoning for Transmog not existing in Biomutant might well be that Biomutant features a very flexible crafting system which allows you to disassemble just about any piece of gear and craft something new from its parts. So in this sense, Biomutant does give players a lot of control over the appearance of their character's equipment and armour.

But all the same, it's a little disappointing that there is currently no way to alter an item's appearance to something a little more fetching than, say, a giant metal duck helmet.

A close-up screenshot of the main character in Biomutant wearing a duck helmet, with a speech bubble next to them that says "Why...".

That answers the question of transmog in Biomutant. If you're looking for more on Biomutant we've got our page on how to unlock the Airglider, and our primer on the six different Biomutant tribes.

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