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Biomutant Upgrade Bench locations: where to find Upgrade Benches and how to use them

Here's how you can find an Upgrade Bench in Biomutant

There's a lot to discover in Biomutant, and much of what you find grants you useful benefits and improvements. One of the most important things you can find is an Upgrade Bench, which can be used to upgrade the quality of your gear.

Learn where to find a Biomutant Upgrade Bench and how to use it to upgrade your weapons and armour below.

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Biomutant Upgrade Bench locations

Upgrade Benches are scattered across the map of Biomutant, and it's worth your while to track them down because you can use them to improve the quality of your weapons and armour.

To find an Upgrade Bench, you just have to look around for the giant hot air balloons. All Upgrade Benches are found on these balloons, and the balloons themselves can be seen for miles around, so it shouldn't take you long to find the nearest one.

For reference, the Upgrade Bench balloons look like this:

A Biomutant screenshot of a hot air balloon at night. These balloons mark the locations of Upgrade Benches scattered across the world.
Find a balloon, use the rope to climb it, and in the basket you'll find an Upgrade Bench.

There's almost always an Upgrade Bench in a tribe outpost, no matter which tribe it is. So if you're really not sure, just head to the nearest outpost on the map that's under your control.

Another nice feature is that there'll always be a fast travel point near an Upgrade Bench, and the benches themselves are marked on the map (you have to zoom in), so once you've found one you can easily return to it at any time.

How to use an Upgrade Bench

There are two types of Upgrade Bench: one for weapons, and one for armour. Often you'll find both types of Upgrade Bench next to each other in these balloons.

Pick the piece of gear you want to improve, and you'll see two options for improvement. One will improve the "Quality" level, and the other will improve the "Material" level. In the end, both these traits will just add to the overall strength of the item. For weapons it'll improve the damage, and for armour it'll improve the armour class.

You can only upgrade the quality and material up to a certain point, and some powerful items can't be improved beyond their default state. Each time you want to upgrade something, it costs a certain amount of each crafting material per upgrade, and the amount depends on how levelled up the trait is that you're upgrading.

That's all there is to finding and using Upgrade Benches in Biomutant. While you're here, be sure to check out our page on how to change your appearance in Biomutant.

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