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Biomutant Porky Puff boss fight: how to beat the Porky Puff

Here's how to beat the Porky Puff in Biomutant

Of the various boss fights in Biomutant, by far the hardest in my opinion is the Porky Puff, a dangerous three-headed Worldeater who you actually encounter fairly early on in the story.

This powerful enemy absolutely loves spamming huge area-of-effect attacks that are very difficult to dodge. But below I'll walk you through how to beat the Porky Puff boss fight in Biomutant on the hardest difficulty with low-level gear and barely a scratch.

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A screenshot of part of the Biomutant map, highlighting the route through clear water towards the Porky Puff boss location.
This is the route you should take to the Porky Puff if you only have a level 1 Googlide engine.

Biomutant Porky Puff boss fight location

You're told to go defeat the Porky Puff quite early on in Biomutant, after you've procured the Googlide (the jetboat) from Goop and finished the quest to get it ready to face the Worldeater.

Much of the water in the southeast section of the map is a nasty green liquid that the Googlide can't traverse without an engine upgrade, but you don't need it to get to the Porky Puff. Just head down the route shown in the image above from the Mitre Mop Outpost in your Googlide.

Drive your Googlide through the open gates into the Porky Puff's watery lair to begin the fight.

Preparing for the Porky Puff boss fight

In the video above I was able to defeat the Porky Puff on Hard difficulty with very low-level gear, but it was a challenge. If you want to avoid the same challenge I suggest you prepare more than I did!

The Porky Puff boss fight is extremely hard to win without sustaining a lot of damage, because this Worldeater has a knack for spamming some very hard-to-dodge area-of-effect attacks. For this reason I'd suggest beefing up your Health and Armor before taking it on.

It will also help greatly to have a strong long-ranged weapon (preferably an automatic rifle), because this will make the first phase of the fight much quicker.

Watch on YouTube

Above is a video walkthrough of myself beating the Porky Puff boss fight on Hard mode, in case you want to see how it's done. Keep reading for more tips and explanations on the fight.

How to beat Porky Puff in water

First bit of advice I can give you: ignore the mines. They're very hard to use properly, and nearly useless even when you get them right. They're a massive waste of time. Good? Good.

Now: almost all of the Porky Puff's attacks involve sending huge waves of water at you which are so wide that they're hard to dodge even if you're prepared for it. You have to boost your Googlide at a right-angle as the Porky Puff rears up to attack in order to have enough time to avoid taking damage.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Porky Puff boss, during the water phase of the boss fight.
Target the pink pustules on the Porky Puff's feet.

Once you've got a handle on dodging these attacks, you have to target the four pink pustules on the Porky Puff's feet. Hitting them just once with any kind of weapon will pop them, dealing chunks of damage to the Porky Puff each time. Once you've popped all the pustules, the Porky Puff will collapse for a short while, allowing you to get some more shots in before it becomes dangerous again.

That's really the first phase in a nutshell. Occasionally the Porky Puff will submerge and start to swim towards you with its tail out like a shark's fin. It'll do this four times, and if you get hit you'll sustain incredibly high damage. To avoid it, just drive in a wide circle and the Porky Puff won't be able to hit you.

Rinse and repeat the above until you take it down to half-health, at which point a cinematic will begin and the Porky Puff will venture onto land for the second phase of the boss fight.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Porky Puff boss, during the land phase of the boss fight.
On land, the Porky Puff has various attacks that it chooses based on how far away from it you are.

How to beat Porky Puff on land

The Porky Puff on land has different attacks depending on how far away you are. I'd recommend staying close, because when you get far away it'll start to lob rocks at you, and they can be pretty hard to avoid (particularly its sneaky underarm rock lob which it doesn't telegraph very much).

There's a ground-slam attack which produces three shockwaves in a row that you must jump over. That one's fairly easy (but don't risk shooting mid-jump, because the combo can mess up your jump timings). There's also an attack for when you're in extreme close range where it rams its three heads into the ground. Again, fairly easy to back off in time to avoid it.

Besides that, there's a paw slam attack which can be dodged by getting right up close to the Porky Puff's body. The Porky Puff usually follows this attack with a side-swipe. Don't just dodge it: wait until you get the button prompt to dodge the attack, and then dodge into its paw. This will trigger a QTE where you can stab its head until it collapses. Avoid the collapse, and then spend some time cutting away at one of its three headss to deal maximum damage.

Whether you stay near or far for this phase is up to you. The important thing is to learn how it telegraphs each of its attacks, and time your dodges correctly. And don't get greedy. Play it safe and take your time.

That's all there is to defeating the Porky Puff boss in Biomutant. If you need a break from fighting Worldeaters and want to get your bearings on the different tribes, check out our page on the Biomutant tribes and tribe weapons.

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