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How to Fast Travel in Biomutant

Here's how and when you can Fast Travel in Biomutant

What's an open-world RPG without fast travel? Biomutant presents players with a number of very enjoyable ways to get around and explore the map, but if you want to get somewhere in a hurry, fast travel is absolutely the best option. Learn how to fast travel in Biomutant below.

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How to fast travel in Biomutant

To fast travel in Biomutant, you need to first discover a location by interacting with the fast travel point near that location. The fast travel point is a flag on a pole which looks like this:

A Biomutant screenshot of a fast travel point with the character standing beneath it.
Interact with these flags and you'll be able to fast travel back to them at any time later on.

Interact with this point and your character will "mark" the territory. From then on, whenever you open the map you can see this location as a point of yellow light. You can fast travel to this location by hovering over the point of light in the map and pressing Space (or A on an Xbox controller).

You can fast travel from any location as long as it is above ground. If you're deep in an underground lair or dungeon then you'll have to find your way out before you can fast travel. You also cannot fast travel if there are enemies nearby.

That's pretty much everything there is to know about fast travel in Biomutant. For more on Experiment 101's open-world RPG, check out our page on how to glide in Biomutant for another great way to get around.

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