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Biomutant New Game Plus: how does NG+ work in Biomutant?

Learn how New Game Plus works in Biomutant

Biomutant is a large open-world RPG with lots of choices to make and branching paths, both physical and dialogical. So it makes sense to have a New Game Plus mode you can activate after completing the main story, so you can make different choices and play a different way without having to create a new character.

Below we'll tell you everything you need to know about New Game Plus in Biomutant, how to activate it, and how it is implemented.

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Does Biomutant have New Game Plus?

Yes, Biomutant does have a New Game Plus mode which you can choose to activate after completing the main story.

Activating New Game Plus (NG+) will give you a new way to play the game, take different paths, and make different choices, without having to start again from scratch.

Biomutant New Game Plus mode: how does it work?

After completing the final main mission of Biomutant (no spoilers here, don't worry), you'll be given the option to start a New Game Plus playthrough. In New Game Plus, you'll start just outside the Tree of Life, and all quests (main quests, side quests, and tribe quests) will be reset.

The key to New Game Plus is that you get to keep your current character instead of starting from scratch. Same level, same stats, and exactly the same equipment and inventory of items. This is obviously a big advantage, so New Game Plus also beefs up your enemies to make the playthrough more of a challenge. But despite this you can still manually set the difficulty to easy, medium, or hard.

You can start a New Game Plus playthrough from the main menu after you've completed the main game. All you need to do is select your old save slot (this is how you choose what character you want to use, and at what level), then start the new playthrough. It's a very useful feature for a game like Biomutant which gives you lots of different choices and paths to take throughout the story.

That's all there is to know about New Game Plus in Biomutant. You may also wish to take a look at our page on the prospect of Biomutant DLC.

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