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Biomutant: how to turn off the narrator and adjust narrator line frequency

Here's how to turn off the Biomutant narrator

Biomutant is an interestingly told tale, making use of a narrator which translates the gibberish spoken by the world's characters and remarks on just about every situation in the game with alarming frequency. If that's not your cup of tea, we understand. Below we'll show you how to turn off the narrator in Biomutant, or just make the narrator talk less frequently overall.

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How to turn off the narrator in Biomutant

If you want to turn off the narrator in Biomutant, the simplest option is to just turn off the narrator audio. You can do this by navigating to the Options menu (from the main menu or in-game), clicking on the "Audio" tab at the top, and then lowering the "Speech" slider to 0.

This doesn't remove the narrator entirely - you'll still see the narrator's lines as subtitles during conversations - but it does mean you'll never hear the voice again in your playthrough, if that's your preference.

A screenshot of the Biomutant audio options menu, with the two options relating to the narrator audio highlighted.
The first slider adjusts the narrator audio volume. The second slider adjusts the frequency of the narrator's lines (outside of scripted moments and conversations).

How to make the narrator talk less frequently

Another option if the narrator is butting into your story a little too often is to lower the frequency of the narrator's voice lines. This won't prevent the narrator from talking during scripted moments or dialogues with other characters, but it will lower or remove the instances where the narrator will occasionally remark on something inconsequential while you're exploring or fighting.

To make the narrator talk less frequently, go to the Options menu and the "Audio" tab again, and this time set the "Narrator" slider to 0.

You can also repeat either or both of the above methods with the Gibberish (the nonsense-speak that the NPC characters all use) if that's also been annoying you so far while playing Biomutant.

That wraps up this quick how-to on the Biomutant narrator. While you're here, why not check out our page on the best class in Biomutant, or our page on how to change appearance during your playthrough?

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