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How to change difficulty in Biomutant

Here's how you can change the Biomutant difficulty level

Biomutant features lots of exploring, lots of looting, and a whole heck of a lot of fighting. Some enemies can be pretty challenging to take on, particularly for newer players; so it's a good idea to know how to change the difficulty level in Biomutant. Read on to learn how to do just that.

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How to change difficulty level in Biomutant

When you start a new game in Biomutant, you get to pick a difficulty level before you enter the character creation process.

There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. As you might expect, Hard mode will make enemies take less damage and deal more damage, and Easy mode will do the opposite.

If you really want to breeze through enemies then Easy is the way to go. Hard mode can be quite a challenge, so if you're a seasoned Biomutant or RPG player then you should definitely crank up the difficulty.

Regardless of your choice of difficulty level when starting a game, you can change the difficulty at any time in Biomutant. Just open up the pause menu and click on Settings. In the "Game" tab, under "Gameplay", you can change your difficulty level. The effect is instantaneous, so you don't need to restart the section or quest you're on.

That answers the question of how to change the difficulty level in Biomutant. Elsewhere on RPS there's our page on the different Biomutant tribes and their unique tribe weapons, as well as our page on how to glide in Biomutant.

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