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Biomutant tribes: the tribe weapons and alignments explained

All you need to know about the six Biomutant tribes

The six Biomutant tribes and their long-standing conflicts play heavily into the main quest and the alignment system of Experiment 101's open-world RPG. The tribe you choose to align yourself with will affect your main quest and the manner in which you deal with the other five tribes.

More importantly than that, each of the tribes has a unique tribe weapon which offers a completely new set of attacks and combat styles. Learn about each of the Biomutant tribes and their tribe weapons below.

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Biomutant tribes overview

There are six different tribes in Biomutant: Myriad, Jagni, Ankati, Netra, Pichu, and Lotus. Each of them has the following:

  • An alignment, ranging from maximum light to maximum dark;
  • An end goal (save or destroy the Tree of Life);
  • A unique tribe weapon, with its own set of Wung Fu combo attacks.

Depending on which of the two starting tribes you choose to align yourself with (Myriad or Jagni), your main quest will either be to unite the tribes and save the Tree of Life, or subdue the tribes and destroy the Tree. Your choice mainly depends on whether you want to have a predominately light or dark aura (each of which will unlock different sets of powers and abilities). In terms of the actual quests, nothing really changes depending on your choice.

The really interesting part is the tribe weapon. By aligning yourself with a tribe you unlock their tribe weapon, but you can also unlock all of them by defeating or uniting with each of the other tribes. So if you finish the tribe quests you'll have access to all six tribe weapons, and you'll be able to use them no whatter which Biomutant class you chose.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Tribes screen in the pause menu, showcasing the Myriad tribe.

Myriad tribe (Boomerang)

Myriad is a maximum light tribe. They're the real goodie-goodies of Biomutant. They just want everyone to get along. If you align with them at the start of the game, your end-goal will be set to unite the tribes and save the Tree of Life from the Worldeaters.

The Myriad's unique tribe weapon is the Boomerang, a slow but powerful and very accurate ranged weapon.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Tribes screen in the pause menu, showcasing the Jagni tribe.

Jagni tribe (Staff)

Jagni is a dark tribe. Not maximum dark, mind you, but evil enough that they want to enslave anyone who gets in the way of the destruction of the Tree of Life, which they see as a necessary reset button for the world to get back on track.

The Jagni's unique tribe weapon is the Staff, a fast two-handed melee weapon that specialises in flurries of combos (great for high crit chance builds).

A Biomutant screenshot of the Tribes screen in the pause menu, showcasing the Ankati tribe.

Ankati tribe (Bow)

The Ankati is a light tribe. Like the Myriad they believe in unity and would prefer persuasion over aggression when it comes to handling the other tribes.

The Ankati's unique tribe weapon is the Bow. It is, as you may have guessed, a ranged weapon, and a fairly fast-firing one at that. It's pretty great for players who like to stay at range.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Tribes screen in the pause menu, showcasing the Netra tribe.

Netra tribe (Grappling Hook)

The Netra are a somewhat light tribe, which in the game's words means "being the best one can be and a willingness to help those in need." That sounds pretty good if you ask me. Not sure why they're only "somewhat" light.

Anyway, the Netra's unique tribe weapon is the Grabbler, a grappling hook which can be used to pull nearby enemies towards you while dealing damage to them. An excellent choice if paired with a very powerful melee weapon.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Tribes screen in the pause menu, showcasing the Pichu tribe.

Pichu tribe (Nanchuk)

The Pichu are a somewhat dark tribe who side with the Jagni's doomsday cult mindset of letting the Worldeaters destroy the Tree of Life. According to the game's description they have a "lack of capacity for morally right or wrong behaviour", which puts them about equal with the vast majority of Biomutant's playerbase.

The Pichu's unique tribe weapon is the Nanchuk, a close-range weapon which may win points for sheer coolness, but as far as I can see is objectively worse than the Jagni tribe's Staff. Same stats but lower damage and a lower crit chance. Somewhere, Michelangelo is weeping in a corner while Donatello comforts him and tries not to look too smug.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Tribes screen in the pause menu, showcasing the Lotus tribe.

Lotus tribe (Shuriken)

The Lotus tribe is a maximum dark tribe, which means they have a "lack of respect for life and a truly chaotic nature". They are apparently even more totally evil than the Jagni tribe. So if you're going full renegade with your Biomutant playthrough, the Lotus will be your best buddies.

The Lotus's unique tribe weapon is the Shuriken, a fast-firing and accurate ranged weapon that never has to be reloaded, unlike the otherwise superior Ankati Bow.

Those are the six tribes in Biomutant and their tribe weapons revealed, so hopefully you have a better idea of who you want to get into bed with during your playthrough. Now why not take a look at our page on how to change your appearance in Biomutant?

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