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Biomutant DLC: will there be post-launch content in Biomutant?

Everything we know about future Biomutant DLC and post-launch content

Biomutant seems like the perfect sort of game for DLC and post-launch content. But developers Experiment 101 have been fairly tight-lipped on the topic so far. Below I'll walk you through everything we know so far on the topic of Biomutant DLC, including the Mercenary pre-order bonus and post-release content situation.

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Will Biomutant have DLC?

We don't yet know for sure if Biomutant will have proper DLC releases after launch. Here's what Experiment 101 Studio Head Stefan Lungqvist had to say in on the topic in an interview with WellPlayed:

"Our focus is to finish the main game and realise our vision to the quality we want first and foremost – then we hopefully reserve the right to add more content."

No details have yet been given on what the devs are thinking about adding to Biomutant after launch, but as a great big open world RPG there's lots of scope for expansion. New map areas, new quests, new characters, new enemies, new classes, new gear... The list goes on.

However, we do know that there is a "sort-of" DLC already prepare: the Mercenary pre-order bonus.

A Biomutant screenshot of the main character looking up at a tall structure atop a mountain.

Mercenary pre-order bonus and DLC explained

The Mercenary is a character class that will join the other 5 Biomutant classes if you pre-order the game. From what we've seen, the Mercenary is a dual-wielder much like the Saboteur, but with more of a samurai or rōnin feel to them. As with all classes, the Mercenary will enjoy a unique set of perks that can be unlocked over the course of a playthrough.

But if you don't pre-order Biomutant, then the Mercenary class DLC will be released later on down the line, so you'll still get to play as them if you wish - just not as early as those who pre-order.

Other than the Mercenary content, we've heard no further details on post launch content and DLC in Biomutant. But we'll update this page when we hear more, so check back soon! In the meantime why not consult our page on the Biomutant tribes and their unique weapons?

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