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Biomutant Old World Vaults: how to open the Suburbia Vault and others

Here's how to open any Old World Vault in Biomutant

Biomutant rather quickly ramps up the number of side quests to complete across its massive map, but among all of them some of the most perplexing are the Old World Vaults. Places like the Suburbia Vault just seem to never open. Why is that? Below we'll walk you through how to open any Old World Vault in Biomutant, both in the intended manner and with a strange and admittedly quite cheaty exploit.

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Biomutant Old World Vaults: how to open the Suburbia Vault (and others)

There are two ways to open Old World Vaults in Biomutant. One of them is the way the game intended, and the other is a cheaty glitchy method that I discovered. I'll cover them both below.

Most players get stuck trying to open the Suburbia Old World Vault fairly early on in their side-quest journey. Here's the missing bit of information: you have to get the Suburbia Vault Key from a different side quest: the first of Moog's Monster Hunts.

Moog is a character found in the Deadzone in the far west. You'll encounter him early on in the main story, just after you've unlocked the Mekton which you can use to safely traverse the Deadzone. This is where Moog is based:

A screenshot of part of the Biomutant map, with the location of the character Moog highlighted.

If you look hard at the map near all the Suburbia Old World Vaults, you'll notice that in each area where there's a vault (including Suburbia), there's a big monster wagging its tail around on that part of the map. This is because every Old World Vault is connected to one of Moog's monsters that need hunting. Every time you defeat one of these monsters, it will give you a vault key for that location, which you can then use to unlock the vault and obtain the rare and powerful loot within.

A screenshot of Suburbia on the Biomutant map, with the area's monster highlighted.
Wherever you find an Old World Vault, you'll find the location of one of Moog's Monster Hunt quests.

So, that's the intended method of opening the Old World Vaults scattered about the world. However, if you're after a cheat method:

You can open any Old World Vault simply by going up to it, entering Photo Mode, and then backing out of Photo Mode.

I discovered this completely by accident on the Suburbia Vault. Since then I've tried this trick on multiple vaults and every time the door has sprung open as if by magic. I recommend you use this trick with some caution because I can't guarantee it won't mess something up later on down the line. Because, let's face it, it's a bug and an exploit, and will likely be patched out soon. But for those who just want to get straight to the loot, that's how you can open any vault in the game with zero effort.

That's all there is to opening the Suburbia Vault and all other Old World Vaults in Biomutant. The method you use is entirely up to you! For more top-tier tricks check out our Biomutant tips and tricks page.

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