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Biomutant blimp: how to unlock the flying Gullblimp

Here's how to unlock the Gullblimp in Biomutant

Say what you like about Biomutant, but no one can deny it hides lots of interesting unlockables in the far corners of its lands. Many players will finish the game without ever knowing there's a blimp you can summon and pilot at any time. This page will show you how to unlock the Biomutant Gullblimp, and how to use it to reach otherwise unreachable areas of the map.

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How to unlock the Gullblimp in Biomutant

To unlock the Gullblimp, the Biomutant flying machine, you need to find and talk to Lobo, a charcter who lives in the Kluppy Dunes - the northmost desert biome of the map.

Lobo is busy trying to get a blimp working which will take to the skies and allow you to do the same - but, like every other character in the game, she needs you to do a few things before she can give you want you want.

Where to find Lobo

Lobo can be found at the Blimpstation, which is a location to the very south of the Kluppy Dunes. It's directly south of the Bio Nucleus power plant in the centre of the biome.

Take a look at the below map to help pinpoint Lobo and the Gullblimp's location.

A screenshot of part of the Biomutant map, with the Blimpstation where Lobo resides highlighted.

Biomutant Lobo quests

Talk to Lobo and she'll set you on a quest to the south to bring home a mechanical dog called the Frankendog. Getting to the top of the tower to find the Frankendog is easy. After that you have to lead the dog back to Lobo. You can't fast travel back because the dog won't follow you, so you'll have to do it the long way.

After that Lobo will tell you she needs a "tiedown" from a shipwreck to the north. Go there, use the tightrope to get onto the shipwreck, then complete the rotation puzzle to retrieve the "tiedown", which turns out to be an anchor.

A Biomutant screenshot of the player piloting a Gullblimp across the Kluppy Dunes at night.

Return to Lobo (you can fast travel this time), and the Gullblimp will be unlocked for you to summon and use just like any other mount) at any time while you're in the Kluppy Dunes. You can pilot the Gullblimp with the movement keys, and at any time you can choose to anchor the Gullblimp and drop down to the ground.

The Gullblimp is the only way you can get to the islands at the very far north of the map, so have fun exploring them!

That's everything we know about how to unlock the Gullblimp in Biomutant. If you're looking for other great ways to get around, why not take a look at our pages on the Automaton Airglider upgrade, or how to unlock the flying mount, Batnamnam?

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