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Biomutant tips and tricks: a beginner's guide to help get you started

Our top Biomutant tips and tricks to guide new players

Biomutant is absolutely jam-packed with stuff. It's so totally overflowing with features and enemies and weapons and loot and interesting locations to discover, it can actually feel a bit overwhelming.

These Biomutant tips and tricks are here to help ground you in Experiment 101's new open-world RPG, and give you the tools you need to truly enjoy your time with the game - and become pretty dang powerful at the same time.

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Don't stress about creating the perfect character

Biomutant features an in-depth character creation system, but the truth is you shouldn't worry too much about creating the perfect character. You're not locked out of anything based on your choices, so you can alter your character and your stats in pretty much every way during your playthrough. You can even change your appearance in Biomutant at a couple of specific locations.

The only thing that does matter is your choice of class, because each class gives you access to a unique set of perks. Check out our guide to the best class in Biomutant here.

It's also worth learning about what the different stats actually do. For example, a higher Intellect, among other things, will give you more moves when trying to solve rotation puzzles.

A Biomutant screenshot of the main character using wings to glide down from a mountaintop.

Unlock movement and travel abilities early on

There is fast travel in Biomutant and it's very forgiving and flexible. You can even fast travel out of hazard zones while you're taking environmental damage, which could save your life in a tight spot.

But by far the more enjoyable option is to unlock all the different movement and travel abilities available in Biomutant. I've put together a guide on how to unlock the Airglider so you can glide off the tops of mountains and hills; and if I were you I'd also save my Bio Points and unlock Turtleform, which is an amazing movement ability that lets you slide down hills at great speed.

There are also various creatures that you can tame and use as mounts to help get around the place quicker. All the land mounts have the same speed so just pick the mount that you like the look of most. We've got a full list of Biomutant mounts and locations here. But did you know there's also a flying mount you can unlock? Or an entire blimp that you can summon at any time after completing a specific quest?

A Biomutant screenshot of the main character looking up at the walls of a tribe outpost.

Experiment with all the different weapon types

There are quite a few different types of weapons in Biomutant, and each of them gives you a different set of combos to use in fights. You can use one-handed or two-handed blades, your can dual-wield, you can use massive crush-damage hammers and clubs, and you can simultaneously use various ranged weapons, from pistols and rifles to automatic guns.

What's more, each of the six Biomutant tribes has their own unique tribe weapon, and each of those weapons come with their own unique combat style and combo set. So be sure to complete the tribe quests and unlock the different tribe weapons to see which you like the most.

A Biomutant screenshot of the player standing next to an Upgrade Bench.

Craft and upgrade your own weapons and armour

There is a currency in Biomutant (called "green"), and a great many vendors to meet and trade with during your travels, but most of the time it's really not worth purchasing anything when you can craft and upgrade what you need instead.

If you don't like the look of a piece of gear (and sadly there's no transmog option in Biomutant), then don't sell it; disassemble it for scrap which you can use to craft new weapons from scratch, exactly to your specifications. Once you find a Biomutant Upgrade Bench you can upgrade your weapons and armour too, making them hit harder and take harder hits respectively.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Porky Puff boss, during the land phase of the boss fight.

Get used to dodging, parrying, and healing

Biomutant can be a pretty challenging game. The combat takes a bit of getting used to, particularly with lots of enemies at once; and a lot of the baddies can hit pretty hard too. Dodging and parrying are both very important skills to learn, and you'll need to rely on both too, because certain attacks can't be parried.

Certain special enemies need specific solutions, too. Watch out for subtle button prompts and QTE events while fighting interesting enemies. Our guide on how to destroy boomhuts describes one such example.

You can heal at any time by opening up the consumables radial menu and selecting the healing item you want to use. You can pin particular healing items to the wheel from your inventory (and as an aside, you can do the same with the weapon radial menus too). Healing is very important, particularly when it comes to dangerous enemies with hard-to-dodge attacks like the Porky Puff boss fight.

A screenshot of the Biomutant audio options menu, with the two options relating to the narrator audio highlighted.

Tweak the settings to increase your enjoyment of the game

One particularly underrated tip I can give is to dive into Biomutant's settings menus and tweak the game to your liking. You can change the difficulty at any time if things are getting too easy or too hard, for example.

Another thing you can change is the narrator voice-over. If you want to tone down the frequency of the narrator's dialogue (or remove it altogether), you can do that too. Just follow our guide on how to turn off the Biomutant narrator.

Another thing you can do is bind Photo Mode to a particular key or controller button. With a game this gorgeous, it would be a shame not to celebrate it with a well-timed picture or ten, don't you think?

Hopefully these tips will help get you started on your Biomutant journey. If you're enjoying your time with the game, you can read up on what awaits you in the future with our pages on the New Game Plus mode and upcoming Biomutant DLC. Or, if you're still on the fence about the game, why not check out Alice's Biomutant review?

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