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Biomutant rotation puzzle: how to solve any rotation puzzle in the game

Here's how to complete any rotation puzzle in Biomutant

Biomutant floods you with a seemingly undending series of puzzles, most of which are variations on the same style of rotation puzzle. In these puzzles you have to match up the yellow bits and the white bits. Sounds simple, but it can be trickier than you think.

Learn how to solve any rotation puzzle in Biomutant with this handy how-to below. We'll walk you through progressively harder puzzles until you're a master who can crack any of these puzzles and earn the rewards that await you afterwards.

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How to complete a Biomutant rotation puzzle

Biomutant rotation puzzles can appear very different from one another, but they all use the same very simple mechanic. Once you understand that mechanic, every such puzzle in the game becomes quite easy.

The idea of every rotation puzzle is that you have three sections that you can rotate. On each section there's either a white bit, or a yellow (or orange) bit, or both. Your aim is to rotate each section so that every white bit is next to another white bit, and every yellow bit is next to a yellow bit.

Here's one of the simplest examples of a Biomutant rotation puzzle:

An example of a rotation puzzle in Biomutant.
On the top is the puzzle as it was found. On the bottom is the puzzle after it has been solved.

As you can see, the three knobs have been rotated, a step at a time, so that all the yellow arrows are pointing towards something yellow (whether it's the yellow bar on the left or another yellow arrow), and the same is true for the white arrows.

You only get a limited number of moves for each rotation puzzle, and you can only ever rotate something 45 degrees either clockwise or anti-clockwise per move. The number of extra moves you have is dictated by your Intellect stat. But don't worry if you go wrong or can't complete the puzzle. Nothing bad happens. You just have to start the puzzle again from scratch.

Here's another example of a fairly simple rotation puzzle, this time on a microwave:

An example of a rotation puzzle in Biomutant.

Note the subtle white and orangey-yellow lights above and below the knobs. This is the sort of thing you have to watch out for. Some of the more complex puzzles can hide these lights quite sneakily in the areas surrounding the puzzle, so you have to realise what counts as a "white bit" or a "yellow bit" sometimes.

Here are some of the more complex rotation puzzles, in both their initial and solved states:

An example of a rotation puzzle in Biomutant.
It's easy to get all the interior white sections next to each other, but you also have to line them up with the exterior white bar.
An example of a rotation puzzle in Biomutant.
The puzzles themselves are always simple, it's just the presentation of the puzzle that gets more complex. Here, each ring can be rotated independently.
An example of a rotation puzzle in Biomutant.
Probably the most complex rotation puzzle you can find in Biomutant is a vinyl record player puzzle. The first thing to look at is what you can rotate. The top of the arm here has two yellow bits that can be rotated together, which is what lowers the arm into position. After that, everything becomes much clearer.

There you have it. Hopefully this has cleared up some of the confusion surrounding the Biomutant rotation puzzles. If there's anything else you're confused about, you may wish to take a look at our Biomutant tips and tricks page.

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