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Biomutant: how to change your appearance, how to complete quests for Trim and Juju

Learn how to change your appearance after starting a game in Biomutant

Biomutant is nice enough to give players the ability to change your appearance partway through a playthrough. But it's not nice enough to just simply give you the option without making you work for it first.

Below I'll walk you through how to change your appearance in Biomutant, along with the quests you need to complete in order to unlock the appearance customisation options at Trim's shop.

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How to change your appearance in Biomutant

It is possible to change your appearance in Biomutant even after you've finalised your character and started your playthrough, but there's a couple of caveats. First is that you'll need to complete a few quests to unlock the ability to change your fur type and colour. We'll walk you through how to do this below.

The second caveat is that you have to go to different places to change your fur type and your body type, and they each cost different resources ("green" for fur, and "bio points" for body type). We'll walk you through both processes below.

There's a bit of travelling involved with getting all this set up. If you haven't already I'd suggest you unlock the ability to glide in Biomutant.

A screenshot of part of the Biomutant map, annotated with the steps to unlock the ability to change your appearance.
These are the locations of all the below steps in the quests for Trim and Juju. Use the world tree in the top-left to get your bearings.

How to complete quests for Trim and Juju

To change your appearance in Biomutant, here's what you need to do:

#1: Meet and talk to Trim to receive the quest Lost, Not Found.

Trim is the local hair-snipper in Biomutant, but he can't work until he has a new pair of Clipperfingers to replace his old ones, which have rusted. He tells you to buy some Clipperfingers from Juju.

Before you leave, I'd highly suggest interacting with the sign outside Trim's shop to enable fast travel back here.

#2: Meet and talk to Juju to receive the quest Gone With The Wind.

Juju won't let you buy the Clipperfingers until you finish a quest for him. He wants you to collect a bobbin from a kite at the top of a mountain, because side-quests.

Again, make sure you interact with the sign to enable fast travel back to Juju's shop.

A Biomutant screenshot of a mountain with yellow paint on the side, indicating points you can use to quickly scale the mountain.
This is the mountain you have to climb to get the bobbin. Follow the yellow paint.

#3: Collect the bobbin from the kite.

You can see the mountain you have to climb from Juju's shop. It's pretty big. Thankfully it's very easy as long as you notice the yellow paint marks splashed up the mountainside, which indicates climbing spots that you can use to quickly scale up the side of the rock.

You'll need to be facing the mountain from the southwest corner to see the yellow paint. Just hop from point to point until you're about halfway up. Then cross the tightrope in front of you and keep climbing. At the top is a kite. Double-jump and interact with the top of the kite to get the bobbin.

#4: Buy the Clipperfingers from Juju and give them to Trim.

After giving Juju his bobbin, you can ask to see his wares. He only has one - the Barber Clipperfingers that Trim needs. You can buy it for 175 Green (before discounts), so it's very cheap.

Now return to Trim and give him the Clipperfingers. At this point he'll be able to change your fur pattern, but if you want to change your fur colour he needs something else from you. Because side-quests.

#5: Retrieve the Sputdye Can from Suburbia and return it to Trim.

The final step in this list of quests is to go to the Suburbia area nearby to retrieve the Dye that Trim needs. Follow the quest marker down into a bunker. Loot along until you get to a room with various smaller enemies and a Guerilla miniboss. There's also a turret in the corner which you should prioritise.

Defeat them all and pick up the Sputdye Can in the corner of the room. Before you leave you should also pick up the superb loot in the back of the truck where the turret stood. Now exit the bunker and return the Dye to Trim.

Now Trim has everything he needs to unlock the full suite of appearance customisation options. You can go to him as often as you like after this point to change your appearance. Fur pattern changes are free, but changing the primary and secondary fur colours cost 400 Green each.

A screenshot of part of the Biomutant map, with the locations where you can go to change your body type highlighted.

How to change your body type in Biomutant

To change your body type, you have to head to one of the Bio Nucleus locations (the radioactive power plants) on the map. These areas are radioactive hazard zones, so you won't be able to stay in there for long before dying. I'd recommend you pick up the Biohazard suit first. You should get the suit's side-quest the moment you first set foot in a radioactive hazard zone, so just pop your toe in there and then follow the steps to get the suit, then return.

To change your body type in Biomutant you'll need to find a particular pool of radioactive liquid, found in the underground section of the power plant area. The pool is guarded by a miniboss; after killing it, head to the pool and interact with it to open the mutate character screen.

Here you can spend 1 bio point to change your body type. This has no effect on your stats like it did during character creation. You can feel free to make your character look however you want here.

A Biomutant screenshot of the Mutate Character screen where you can change the body type of your character.

That concludes this page on changing your character appearance in Biomutant. Be sure to also check out our page on the different Biomutant tribes and their unique tribe weapons.

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