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Black Friday deal spotlight: The 2TB Samsung 870 Qvo SSD is the cheapest it's ever been

A new low for the UK

Note: This is now sold out!

Are the tiny computer people who write all the information down on the hard disks inside your PC old and tired? Yeah, mine too. Well, I have good news! The superb Samsung 870 Qvo 2TB SSD is the cheapest it’s ever been here in the UK. RPS Supreme Overlord Katharine checked it out way back in 2020 (wait, that’s only last year) and proclaimed it “a bit good.”*

According to Katharine, the 870 Qvo is a worthy purchase. “If you want the best of what SATA has to offer, then the 870 Qvo is the SSD to buy.”** In fact, the only real downside she mentioned was that the existing 860 provided better value for money. Since the 2TB 870 Qvo is now only £14 more than the 1TB model was last year, it seems a safe bet if you want some speedy storage. In fact, this deal makes the 870 Qvo one of the cheapest 2TB SSDs we’ve ever seen – and certainly a lot cheaper than its more mainstream cousin, the 2TB 870 Evo.

Still after a SSD, but don’t fancy the Qvo? Maybe Samsung was mean to your nan one time, or you’re just looking for a NVMe drive instead of a SATA. Don’t worry, whatever the reason, we have you covered with our Black Friday SSD deals page. Already got a fancy-pants SSD? Check out Black Friday deals of all shapes and flavours at our main Black Friday hub.

*May not be a genuine quote.

**This one is real, I promise.

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