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Isometric Action: Brigador Stomps Into Early Access


What, or who, is a brigador? I'm not sure, but it seems to involve rocking around futurecities in legged, tracked, and hovering vehicles blowing the heck out of hordes of enemies so... whatever it is, I'm onboard.

Looking a touch like Syndicate with customisable deathbots, isometric shooter Brigador [official site] today launched into Early Access. I realise I'm a day early to formally tell you What I'm Playing This Weekend, but: it's this. I will be playing Brigador.

First, the premise: it's the future and you have one night to knock out the other factions vying for control of the city of Solo Nobre. That's it. Off you go to murder it back under control, riding in one of six vehicles with a choice of eighteen weapons. Please excuse this chunk of marketing copy, but how great does this sound?

"Levels are completely destructible, and the environment models bullet penetration as well. Break through walls, stomp on enemies, or detonate volatile gas pipelines to your advantage. Use what you know about your surroundings to get the drop on your enemies. Send a shell sailing over a wall, or a burst of machine gun fire straight through a stand of trees. Be stealthy and circumspect, or the bull in a china shop."

Yes, I'll take that, thanks.

The initial Early Access release only has nine levels, but developers Stellar Jockeys plan to add more. Over the next six or so months, they'll gather feedback as they add more weapons, enemies, levels, environments, pilots, and more until it's ready for release. I believe a level editor is planned too. Brigador's Early Access version is on Windows, Mac, and Linux from Steam for £14.99 or it's £12.99 both DRM-free and with a Steam key from Humble.

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