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Call Of Duty: Warzone's new operator is a cowboy played by an Italian rapper

It's-a-high noon

It's about time Call Of Duty: Warzone got a cowboy, all the cool video games have cowboys. Warzone today adds a new operator named Morte - a former Italian soldier with a Wild West dress sense rivalling that of Overwatch's McCree. He's played by a pretty popular Italian actor, singer and rapper called Fabio Rovazzi, who was invited to Infinity Ward to get scanned into the game after meeting one of the devs at a comic convention.

Rovazzi met Bernardo Antoniazzi, principal tech artist at Infinity Ward, at the Lucca Comics Festival last year. They got to chatting about how Antoniazzi had used his own face as a bunch of NPCs in Modern Warfare's campaign, which then led to an invite to get Rovazzi scanned in, too.

Fast forward to this year, and Rovazzi has ended up with his own character in the game that he even helped write. Check out his video below about how it all went down.

Watch on YouTube

In case you don't know who he is (don't worry, I didn't either), Rovazzi is pretty big on YouTube, having racked up millions of views on his songs Andiamo A Comandare and Tutto Molto Interessante.

The CoD operator he's taking on the role of is certainly not a YouTube star, however. Sergio "Morte" Sulla was a big fan of spaghetti westerns as a kid, with dreams of becoming a law enforcer. Unfortunately for poor Morte, he ended up in juvenile prison for "energetically defending" some kids from local bullies. This somehow led to a career in the Italian military, then onto the Warcom operator you'll get to play as today.

“Being a character in Call of Duty has always been a secret and impossible dream of mine," Rovazzi says. "I love the character tribute to the Italian Western tradition. When I think that millions of players will be able to play with my character, I feel flattered and satisfied beyond imagination.”

Morte is arriving in Modern Warfare later today, at 6:30pm BST (10:30am Pacific).

Elsewhere in the world of Call Of Duty, Warzone has temporarily removed vehicles because of a bug that's been crashing entire servers. Infinity Ward have yet to give players an update on when they might return.

If you're planning on dropping in today, do check out our Call Of Duty: Warzone guides for top-tier tips

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