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Castle Mania: Decorating Homes In Shroud Of The Avatar

Living it up

If anyone knows how to decorate a medieval-style home, it's Richard Garriott. He does, after all, have a reputation for taking up residence in actual, factual castles. And so it seems all-too-right that the man, the myth, the (tarnished, due to a perhaps not entirely needed Kickstarter) legend is now walking us through the Hoarders-worthy halls of his Shroud of the Avatar abode. Like snowflakes, however, every nigh-impregnable war fortress is different - an expression of its owner's most delicate soul. Ponder your own plans as Garriott indiscriminately stacks everything with masterful finesse after the break.

The game's looking a teensy bit better than it has in the past, though it's still no visual tour de force. It is, however, good to hear Garriott give credit to crowdsourced assets - especially since many of them are just mundane bits and bobs like books and furniture. Shroud of the Avatar's approach to this stuff is quite ambitious, so it's good to see Portalarium keeping it front-and-center.

Customization itself seems functional enough, though hardly revolutionary. Really though, player housing with this sort of attention to detail is rare in MMO-like games these days, so that may well be enough on its own. Also, I plan to stack barrels into space and then cast a Sauron-esque gaze down over all the land. "How's this for a parent-child relationship?!" I will bellow, to no one in particular, because space is really far away.

Who here backed Shroud of the Avatar? Are you pleased with how it's coming along? How many guillotines are you going to cram into your medieval dream home?

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