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Challenge yourself to a tiny Lego build every day in this browser game

Twenty bricks or bust

Remember three years months ago when we were all really into building tiny houses in The Sims 4? This is like that but with Legos little colorful brick toys. A new browser game challenges you to build a thing every day with just 20 bricks, which sounds like a challenge and is even more so when you actually attempt it. Look at my little fountain. I'd have liked it to be symmetrical and all but this is as good as I could do in 20 bricks so here you have it.

This little puzzle is yet another free browser game by David King who also created the Tiny Islands and several other small thing wot we've liked. Lets Go Build A ______________ is a bit more like your daily paper crossword. Just a small thing to tickle your brain. You might finish it. You might get halfway through, get stumped, and leave it be.

Today's challenge is building an album cover which I foolishly thought "ah, it's just one brick thick. This'll be easy enough." Wrong. Can you tell what album cover I was going for above? I'll be flattered if you can but not surprised if you can't. I couldn't quite fill the whole thing in with my 20 brick budget but I sort of gestured at the final plan anyhow.

You've got 15 colors of bricks to work with and just nine shapes. Or at least I only had nine in each challenge I tried. If you've done the daily challenge you can also load up a random prompt instead, which is how I ended up building my wonky fountain up top. Click and drag to place your bricks. Right click or spacebar will rotate whichever brick you're holding. It's plenty easy to figure out so the controls stay out of your way and scratching your head over a design is your only real problem.

It's cute. It's small. It's free. Find it over on Itch.

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