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Fsck off, Cleopatra: Civilization VI coming to Linux


Recompile your kernel, grep your vim, and prepare yourself for The Year Of The Linux Desktop For Really Real This Time: Civilization 6 [official site] is coming to Linux. Porting house Aspyr Media announced yesterday that they're turning the latest Civ penguinoid, as they have several Civs before it. They've already brought Civ 6 to Mac. Unlike The Old Days, Aspyr's ports tend to come free for folks who already own the game on other OSs, so hooray huzzah for l33t Linux d00dz.

The official announcement doesn't give an idea of when it's coming, beyond "soon", but one Aspyrian commented on Steam:

"It's going through QA approvals as I type. I should note that QA sweeps on a game this large is no small task... but we are talking a matter of weeks, not months."

If you've been holding back for a Linux release, hey, you're sort of lucky as the Civ 6 you experience first will have several handy patches already rolled in so you should get a better first experience. This is why I only play games two decades after release, when fan-made patches and engine ports have left them gleaming, on ancient nicotine-stained Gateway PCs I find dumped on farmland. Fag ash coughs out the fans and I think field mice live in the 4x CD-ROM drive but it's the only way to game, if you ask me.

Just watch your backs, Linuxeers: I've seen Gandhi loose nukes over Vi vs. Emacs debates.

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