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Civilization VI is free on the Epic Games Store right now

Did someone say "Just one more turn?"

The latest giveaway on the Epic Games Store is a doozy: Civilization VI, for free, for keepsies. I'm pretty sure some countries consider handing out free Civ to be an act of economic terrorism, for encouraging innumerable late nights and sick days in people who couldn't resist the siren call of just one more turn. The turn-based strategy game may be almost four years old but it still has a £50 price tag so damn, okay Epic. This right after GTA 5 too.

Head on over to the Epic Games Store to grab Civ 6 by 4pm on Thursday the 28th and it'll be yours to keep. Nice.

That is the base game, mind, without the expansions that really do a lot to improve it. If you want those, for £34 you can upgrade to the Platinum Edition with both the Gathering Storm and Rise & Fall expansions and the six old Civilization & Scenario Pack DLCs.

And no, this doesn't include the brand new £33 DLC season pass which launched today, the New Frontier Pass.

I was a little sceptical when Epic started acting like they had such great weekly freebies coming during their ongoing Mega Sale but Grand Theft Auto V was a strong start and Civ 6 is a great follow-up. The GTA giveaway was so popular that it killed GTA Online's servers last weekend.

Civ 6 is one of the best strategy games, says us. Do see Adam, Alec, and Pip's RPS Verdict for plenty more words. And if you're considering paying to upgrade, see our Rise And Fall review and Gathering Storm review. Alec said, "Gathering Storm's the best version of Civilization VI we've ever had, and feels a lot more like a game about civilisation rather than conquest." But hell, you could tank a small nation with the hours stolen by the base game alone.

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