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Control is out now on Steam, along with its Alan Wake expansion

Time to see some fresh new spooks

If you've been waiting for Control's Epic exclusivity to end, well, wait no longer. Remedy Entertainment's third-person spook-em-up arrived on Steam today in the form of an Ultimate Edition containing the base game and both expansions, The Foundation and AWE. As fate (read: Remedy's marketing department) would have it, AWE launched today as well. It's the long-rumoured Alan Wake expansion, which has you exploring a new deep dark area of The Oldest House to uncover more supernatural mysteries.

Control is an action-adventure game that plonks you into the shoes of Jesse Faden. She finds herself in a place called The Federal Bureau Of Control, which gets locked down due to interdimensional nasties on the loose. Naturally, it is your job to stop them, and use some cool telekinetic powers to do it.

"Control's battles are enjoyable fling-fests," Brendy (RPS in peace) said in his Control review. "It's a very serviceable shooter. It feels good in the fingerbits, you know? And there are a lot of wobbly visual effects that make your powers feel like smooth Hollywood super-nonsense."

Alice Bee has played the brand new expansion, and tells us that while AWE doesn't have loads of Alan Wake, it does have another great monster to spook you.

"I would recommend this DLC if you liked Control but have never played Alan Wake," she says, "because the author himself (who actually I think is a bit of a rubbish writer) doesn't turn up very often, whereas [the monster] is a constant creepy presence even when he's absent."

If you're just after the base game on PC, I'm afraid you'll have to stick with Epic on that one, as the only version of Control you can buy on Steam is the Ultimate Edition, which with a 20% launch discount is currently £28/$32/€32. Or if you already own the game and are just after AWE, you can find that on the Epic Games Store for £12/€15/$15 or in the season pass, which is currently on sale for £15.

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