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Cultist Simulator's first DLC, The Dancer, pirouettes into stores

Doing the Masochism Tango

Much as I love Cultist Simulator's atmosphere, I've yet to come close to completing it, my character ground down by the mundanity of maintaining mortal flesh. Today's DLC, The Dancer, might yet give me a chance at victory - or something close to it. Introducing a new career path as a cabaret dancer,  those who pursue the art of dance may find it ties more into the world of the unseen than expected. Or players might just earn the lusty eye of a lord or lady - a free update also introduces romances and rivalries, adding more twists to Weather Factory's card-based eldritch life-sim.

Cultist Simulator remains an odd game. The search for occult knowledge frequently punctuated by in-game social obligations, a day job to go to and followers to constantly juggle. It's a game of micromanagement, but an expertly written one with strong, sharp, barbed thematic hooks. The DLC adds a little more of everything, with a new career path as a Dancer, two new ways to win, and animal spirit-forms to transform into, for when two legs is too few (or too many) for a dance. I hear the Dance Of The Seven Voles is especially mesmerising.

As nothing in Cultist Simulator comes free (unless you bought the game early, in which case this and all future DLC will be), you can't just casually start your new life as a seductive dancer on a whim. You'll need to win a minor work victory at Glover And Glover, then you'll find the new starting point available on your next run. As for the new victory routes, you'll need to find Sulochana and have a little chat with her about your deepest, most apocalyptic desires.

There's also some more improvements to the base game. You should lose followers to accidents on expeditions less often, as they're more likely to be scarred by failed attempts. Those scars can be a blessing all of their own, considering the game. You can now date your followers if you so wish, and any especially spurned may run off to start their own cult (with hookers and blackjack!) and try to win the game before you - ingrates. Plus, some quality of life improvement, with better card stacking, double-click interactions and some more stuff to save your frail human wrists.

The Dancer DLC is free for anyone with the Perpetual Edition of the game (buy before or near launch), and £2.50/2.40/$3 for everyone else. Cultist Simulator is currently 25% discounted on Steam, Humble and GOG, and costs £11.24/15/$15.

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