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Damnation: Fashion Advice

You may remember when Codemasters put out their press release for the Damnation announcement, we felt inclined to mock it everso slightly. Codies responded in generous good humour, leading to this madness. Well now some more screenshots have appeared, and as excellent fun as this game looks like it could be, there's some more mocking to come.

Specifically about the above.

Damnation is to be a large-scale action shooter, set in levels that boast their vertical as much as their horizontal, bursting with physics-defying stunts. Such as driving along walls on a motorbike. Now, we're not Tim Gunn or anything, but it would seem that for flinging yourself from rooftop to rooftop, performing daredevil feats, and having shoot-outs in mid-air, this isn't possible the most sensibly designed outfit for the task.


Do you see how you're really rather enforcing the reputation we wish this industry didn't deserve? Do you not want to offer female characters some dignity?

Er, okay, so that was ranting. But come on.

A rather more respectable collection of screenshots, all of them enormous, here.

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