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Dark fantasy FPS Witchfire quick-dashes into early access this September

And apparently, it's more like Souls than Doom

Grimdark FPS Witchfire got a new trailer at tonight's Summer Game Fest Showcase, which highlighted more of the game's story as opposed to more of its shootybang. We also now know it's quick-dashing into early access on September 20th this year, with the Epic Games Store first in line to host its megabytes.

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Creative director and co-founder of Astronauts Adrian Chmielarz said in an interview on their site that they didn't want to give off the wrong impression that Witchfire was a "non-stop action fest". He says the fights are intense, but "there are also periods of quiet exploration, planning, thinking". In what's a bit of a circle on the bingo card, he goes on to place the game "closer to Souls in that regard rather than, say, Doom".

While I get the Souls comparison, it's also hard to extract much meaning out of it, right? Like, is Chmielarz saying Witchfire is going to have an interlocking map which helps tell its story? Or, does he basically mean it's a bit of tricky combat mixed in with some exploration, and Souls is the most enticing of the convenient buzzwords?

In our assessment of last year's Witchfire trailer, Alice Bee thought its guns had about as much physicality as a "baby gently yawning and stroking your face", although it was very pretty. Hey, I am cautiously optimistic it's going to be a fun time. I mean, it's being developed by the former creative leads of the criminally underrated Bulletstorm, so that's got that's a big tick in my books already.

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