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Death Stranding PC will launch simultaneously on Steam and Epic

Heeey, hey BB! (Uhh! Ahh!)

Now that our console cousins are traipsing all over Death Stranding, the mystery of what it even is has lifted: it's mostly a game about having a nice hike, trying to keep your balance and not to stack it down a hill because of your comically large backpack. I'm well up for a careful walk. The PC release of the first game from Hideo Kojima's now-independent Kojima Productions is due to follow in summer 2020, and publishers 505 Games on Friday solved the mystery of whether it'd be another of those there Epic exclusives: no, it will not.

The PC version of Death Stranding will come to both Steam and the Epic Games Store at the same time, 505 Games have announced. Some folks had been wondering, seeing as 505 released Remedy's lovely spooky shooter Control as an Epic exclusive only two months ago. Epic paid an advance of £8.4 million to secure that. But naw, not this time.

You may think this minor news. Or you may think it huge news. I don't know your stance on exclusives. All I know is that by posting about this news now, over the coming months I will be spared at least five dozen comments talking about Epic exclusivity with increasing anger. Think of your old pal Alice and her needs.

Death Stranding will cost £55/€60/$60 on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

It really is mostly about going for a nice walk, honest. Oh sure there's the usual wacky Kojima contrivances and celebrity worship, and some stealth bits, and occasional monsters, and some real grand spooky spectacles, but mostly it's about walking. You're delivering parcels to people across the ruins of America, carefully planning routes across the landscape, balancing your load, laying down ladders and ropes, and keeping yourself steady step-by-step. Sounds like it'd be just lovely stripped back a bit as a pure walking simulator.

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