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Destiny 2's ramen lovers want Bungie to immortalise their favourite dish

Spicy demands.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is almost here - and when it does, it's throwing a whole lotta junk out of players' inventories. Schematics, treasure maps, and even Expired Ramen Coupons are all on the chopping block, but it's the last of those three that's got some guardians all riled up. While I'm not even sure if Destiny's gun-wizards can eat, there's an apparent sentimental value to the game's noodly food-tickets, with many players now petitioning Bungie to let them hold onto their tasty little keepsakes.

Destiny 2's growing noodle movement was spotted by The Gamer, reporting on a movement of players to whom the useless item holds extreme sentimental value.

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The thing is, the expired ramen coupon was added as part of a Forsaken pre-release quest. Cayde-6, Destiny 2's sassy Nathan Fillion android, would send you off to grab an order from the Tower's ramen shop - and while the ticket was long expired, you'd get a nice bit of flavour text from the robot, an ode to the spicy dish.

Cayde-6 famously beefed it in Forsaken, of course. So, for some players, the coupon acts as a keepsake acts as a memento to their favourite NPC and a fleeting moment in time. Some have asked for shaders to replace the useless item, while others have taken to Reddit to ask Bungie for a commemorative emblem. One talented designer went to the trouble of making an emblem themselves.

I'm sure Bungie have a good few roadblocks in the way of taking fan submissions, but that's a bang-up job. Could've fooled me into thinking it was real.

Others, meanwhile, reckoned that the coupon may hold a place in Destiny 2's increasingly convoluted narratives. They may not even have been wrong, either - as Kotaku Australia reports, item creator Jonathan Chan had plans to put the coupon to use soon after implementation, but never quite had the chance to.

"I had planned to do more with the Coupon the following season, at the time the players were also asking for the Cayde scavenger hunt items to be added back in, so I wanted to tie them together,” Chan wrote in a Facebook post. “I didn’t get a chance to do more designer work after that."

Oh, well. Bungie have yet to respond to these fans, though I suppose there's still time to make a last-minute menu adjustment before Beyond Light launches on November 10th. Until then... is anyone else hungry?

Correction: This post originally said Shadowkeep when it meant Forsaken.

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