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Destiny warlocks are rudely one-shotting bosses with the power of darkness

But this weekend's raid will still go ahead as planned.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light finally lets our Guardians touch the darkness. But perhaps it shouldn't have, because it's gone and corrupted the game's space wizards with the power to completely break any encounter Bungie throws at them. Ahead of the expansion's first raid opening later this month, Warlocks have figured out how to use their stasis powers to instantly evaporate Destiny's deadliest baddies.

As spotted by the folks at RPS fanzine PC Gamer, it appears coordinated supers from five Warlocks using the new Shadebinder sub-class, plus Salvation's Grip or Stasis Grenades, equals one very dead big bad brute.

Clan Redeem, the high-end Destiny 2 raid team Gladd plays for, claims to have replicated the technique on a number of different bosses. Beyond Light's first raid launches frightfully soon, opening its doors this Saturday. But it's not so soon that Bungie don't think they can fix it, with senior community manager Dylan Gafner commenting that "there are no plans to delay the Raid".

"Team is investigating alternate fixes to that pesky Stasis bug which will prevent harm to the World First race," wrote Gafner. "We'll have updates later in the week on what to expect."

World's First raid races are a big deal for a fair portion of the community, and obviously, a good deal of the challenge is removed when you can just blink a new boss out of existence in a second. With less than a week to go, it'll pay to see if Bungie have a permanent fix in mind, or will simply disable the subclass for the opening days while they get a patch ready for a later date.

This Warlock subclass has been a particular pain for Bungie since Beyond Light launched last week. While the devs never outright stated why they chose to postpone the Trials Of Osiris, popular speculation is that players were abusing Winter's Wrath with an exploit that let them cast the super indefinitely.

Whittling a boss down in seconds is harmless, sure. It's a little less fun when someone's doing it to you in high-stakes competitive matchmaking.

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