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How to get Diablo 4 Demon Hearts

Diablo 4 Demon Hearts will let you upgrade your healing potions

Diablo 4 Lilith casts a look of frustration and anger.
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How do you get Diablo 4 Demon Hearts? Finding Demon Hearts in Diablo 4 isn't quite as simple as ripping them from creatures' ribcages, Mortal Kombat-style. The natural world drop rate is rather low, so if you're seeking these cursed body parts, you'll have to do some searching.

If you need to get your bloody hands on some Demon Hearts in Diablo 4, which is out now on Xbox Game Pass, then here's what you need to do.

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How to get Diablo 4 Demon Hearts

You can get Diablo 4 Demon Hearts by slaughtering demons in the game. However, you're going to need a lot of them to upgrade your potions, as it's going to cost you 5 Demon Hearts to upgrade to a Moderate Healing Potion and 20 Demon Hearts to snag a Superior Healing Potion, in addition to some other world ingredients.

You can earn Diablo 4 Demon Hearts as typical world drops, but that'll take a lot of time and effort, plus you may not get as many as you need. Luckily, there's also a way to farm them in Diablo 4 — and who doesn't love a good organ-harvesting farm?

If you're trying to collect Demon Hearts like they're Pokemon cards, it's going to be helpful to you to know where, exactly, you can find demons to slaughter for them. A few demons throughout Sanctuary seem to have extra hearts to spare.

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How to farm Diablo 4 Demon Hearts

If you want to farm Demon Hearts in Diablo 4, here's how to do it. It's worth noting at the outset though that this plan isn't foolproof, as things like spawn rates and timing come into play when it comes to Extremely Rare Monsters in Diablo 4. Some appear to spawn more frequently during the game's night cycle.

Demon Heart monster option #1: Almunn (1 Demon Heart)

For a proper Demon Heart farm, you can teleport to Dry Steppes and head to an area called The Scarred Coast, where you can take down Almunn. You can defeat Almunn to earn a Demon Heart, and you can then either await the being's return via respawn or simply log out and log back in, which is a faster way to farm the boss. The monster may not reappear every time, so you may have to try logging out and back in several times between rounds.

There's not much more to this farm, so just defeat and repeat, taking them down in all their blood-splattered glory. Although it only offers one Demon Heart, it's a relaible way to source them as you're willing to exit the game and log back in a few times to get them.

Almunn's location, where players can farm Diablo 4 Demon Hearts.
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Demon Heart monster option #2: Abe-Mari (5 Demon Hearts)

If you'd rather collect a full stockpile of Demon Hearts in one go, you can head to Abe Mari, an entity located to the southeast of where you found Almunn, in an area called Kehjistan.

There is a world event just to the north that spawns frequently, so if you pass through it, you can be sure you're in the right place. You'll find the beast near a blue side quest marker.

It's worth waiting around for this boss because defeating it grants you a whopping five Demon Hearts to add to your collection of monster body parts.

Abe-Mari's location, where players can defeat the creature to earn five Diablo 4 Demon Hearts.
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Demon Heart monster option #3: Faraya Tehi (5 Demon Hearts)

If you tire of waiting for Abe-Mari, you can always trek further to the southwest to visit Faraya Tehi, who also grants five Demon hearts upon defeat. If coming from the north, you'll find this monster near a Cellar called Ravaged Ruins after a passage through a small outpost-type area. Another way to get there is to travel to the Tarsarak waypoint and head west.

Like the others, you may have to wait a bit for a spawn, but since you clearly enjoy getting paid in Demon Hearts, waiting around is well worth it.

Faraya Tehi's location, where players can defeat the boss to earn Diablo 4 Demon Hearts.
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That's everything you need to know about squeezing the blood out of a Demon Heart farming location or two. If you're looking for other monster parts, we also have great insights on how to farm Diablo 4 Crushed Beast Bones. And since you're obviously dipping pretty hard into the Diablo 4 grind, you probably want to know about the Diablo 4 battle pass, Diablo 4 seasons, and the Diablo 4 best class.

We can also help you on your demon-slaying journey with our guides to the best Diablo 4 Druid build, best Diablo 4 Necromancer build, and best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build, too. Check out also our interactive Diablo 4 map if you need a hand finding any location in the hellish world of Sanctuary.

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