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D.O.R.F. looks to evoke the best parts of Command & Conquer's look and feel

Not so romantik

I'm not clever or quick enough for the micromanagement many modern real-time strategy games demand. D.O.R.F. therefore appeals. It's a nostalgic throwback to Command & Conquer and Red Alert not only in its crisp 2D sprite art and rocking soundtrack, but in its apparent focus on building towards absurd, powerful super weapons.

Here's a trailer, shown during the PC Gaming Show at the weekend:

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I wasn't kidding when I said it was a throwback to those '90s Westwood RTS games. I'm not sure exactly how it's sprites are created, but their high-detail, low-framerate designs certainly look to my eye like they're crafted in 3D and output as 2D images, as in the days of yore. And that sure looks like a Harvester scooping up the not-Tiberium.

D.O.R.F. is set in a future in which three factions are battling for control: the industrial Crumbling Empire, who construct massive "superfortresses and colossal vehicles"; the Barbarians, who are "motorized warbands" that can construct a rolling wrecking ball; and the New World Order, who use "re-engineered technologies from the Old World" and have the best trained soldiers. I'm not sure which one of them has a giant cannon that can destroy an entire base, as seen in the trailer.

If I can turtle up for hours, and the prevalence of walls around a lot of bases suggets I can, then I look forward to playing D.O.R.F. It has no release date yet but you'll find more screenshots on Steam and more GIFs in some of Alice0's Screenshot Saturday Mondays.

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