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Dusk developer announces new game inspired by Manhunt and Condemned

From shotguns to lead pipes

The developer of Dusk, David Szymanski, has announced his next game. Instead of riffing on mid-90s strafe shooters, Butcher's Creek is inspired by early-'00s video game nasties like Manhunt and Condemned: Criminal Origins. Put another way, you'll "use rusty tools to brutalize a gang of serial torturers in the remote Appalachian Forest", and view it all through the fuzz of a VHS filter.

Set in 1993, Butcher's Creek's protagonist is apparently urban exploring in search of "authentic snuff videotapes" when he's set upon by a "gang of sadistic killers". Serves him right, really. You'll then fight back with "hammers, axes, pipes, 2x4s, box cutters, and more."

There's no trailer yet, but there are a handful of screenshots over on Steam. The VHS filter does look cool.

I loved the first Condemend, which paired crime scene investigation with supernatural nonsense, and a combat system that felt heavy and tactile. Iron bars weren't just picked up, but torn from walls, and the raving enemies who rushed at you felt physically solid in the environment in a way first-person shooter enemies typically didn't. I'm curious whether Szymanski can achieve something similar. Or whether he even wants to.

It's worth noting that Dusk and Szymanski's Thieflike, Gloomwood, were created and published in partnership with other companies. Butcher's Creek isn't, which maybe puts it more in league with his smaller works such as Chop Goblins. Those are great too, mind (supporter only).

Butcher's Creek is aiming for release in 2024.

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