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Dustwind drops a singleplayer campaign into the multiplayer tactics mix

Titans and Mothers and Frogpigs, oh my

What on earth is a Frogpig? You can't drop the word Frogpig in an update post without telling me more. Show me more. Show me where you're keeping the Frogpigs, Dustwind. I'm sure you're excited about this whole story thing you're dropping, but you're not going anywhere until you tell me where the Frogpigs are. I'm warning you.

Where were we? Right: Isometric tactical bloodbath Dustwind dropped a big update today, bringing the multiplayer-only game a singleplayer campaign full of blood, guts, dogs and a gun-toting leading lady.

Dog-filled tactics skirmisher Dustwind has been steadily chugging along for the last few years. Until now, it's been content with being a modern multiplayer take on Fallout Tactics, offering up short scenarios to gun through solo or with pals. After two years, Dustwind Studios has brought the game even closer to its post-apocalyptics roots with an RPG-like story mode launched earlier today.

An early trailer for the new 10-hour campaign (below) flaunts a gore-filled revenge trip. You'll get to build your own murder-mum and traipse across a wasteland, spilling giblets everywhere you go.

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Alongside the campaign, Dustwind's Big Update adds Titans to its roster of playable races, and those aforementioned Frogpigs to the monster manual. The team hasn't confirmed if playable dogs have been given a boost since Fraser's unfortunate Premature Evaluation experience back in 2017. Poor pooch.

Today's update also adds a bundle of features and assets for Dustwind's map editor, opening the door for custom singleplayer missions. There's a bunch of smaller tweaks, too, and you can catch up on everything on the update's Steam announcement page.

Dustwind is out now on Steam for £19.49/€20.99/$24.99

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