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Dwarf simulation King Under The Mountain adds mod support

Mod the halls of the mountain king

King Under The Mountain is a dwarven society simulation game that immediately gives away its Dwarf Fortress inspiration. It's currently still in early access and has just added support for player-made mods. The main game is actually built as a game engine with a "base game" mod applied to it, according to Rocket Jump Technology. The plan is for absolutely anything in the game to be moddable, so the developer has invited modders to help discover what features are still missing.

Last year, Steve Hogarty assessed King Under The Mountain in a Premature Evaluation and saw a shine in its eye but much evolution to be done. Something about primordial ooze and melons, I gather. "Everything that will one day make this game unique and beautiful and strange lies in its future, along a winding and ambitious development roadmap," he says. Here we are at another step along the path, wherein the game has been opened to modders.

Its developer walks through a simple mod in the video below—changing all of the game's user interface text to a new font. Simple, but provable. The development post also explains that one of the mods which now comes standard with the game is community written translations. The game now supports translation into Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, for any community members looking to contribute. After starting up the game, you'll be able to choose which mods in your directory to enable and manage their load order as well, which is shown off in the video.

Lastly, King Under The Mountain will be playable at EGX Rezzed in London this March. The developer shares plans for new features that can be expected at the show. "I plan to have the brewing and drinking of beer in the game in time for Rezzed." Even if you won't be attending, the beerworks are getting bumped forward in the project's roadmap so folks at home can try things out in a future update as well. RPS will be at Rezzed too, and we're giving away some tickets right now.

King Under The Mountain is currently for sale on Itch for $20. It plans to enter Early Access on Steam during 2020 according to its store page, though its roadmap details 10 total alpha versions (it's on Alpha 3 currently) that it intends to meet before being available on Steam.

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