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EA Sports FC 24's latest trailer explains more about how Haaland will run like Haaland

A bit more swingy armed

I previously complained that EA Sports FC 24's "gameplay reveal" trailer didn't seem to contain much more "gameplay" than the announcement trailer released a few days prior. Well, now here comes the "gameplay deep dive" trailer to hopefully satisfy my appetite.

Spoilers: it's almost entirely focused on technology, animation, and heavily re-uses already released footage.

"Gameplay" is a terrible word rendered even more meaningless by EA.Watch on YouTube

The trailer runs through Hypermotion V, the new animation tech that lets them use motion capture data taken from real football matches; "Play Styles", in which they use real world player data to make their in-game equivalents shoot or pass as they might in the real world; and the underlying Frostbite engine, which they cover only briefly because they're saving the details for the "presentation deep dive."

Don't get me wrong, these technologies will likely impact how EAFC24 feels to play, Play styles, in particular, are effectively special abilities that certain players have, such as Power Header, Long Ball Pass, and Quick Step. You can also construct your own character with these abilities, and a few dozen others, in Career mode.

There was nothing really shown of either Career mode or Pro Clubs, however. There was no discussion of how AI might have changed, or where the balance would sit this time out around attack and defense, or much of anything other than hammering the same note of wanting to be 'authentic'. I'm less interested in Haaland swinging his arms when he runs in a manner more like Haaland, than I am in Manchester City performing tactically in a manner more like Manchester City - but nothing so bold seems present.

I should stop sounding so grumpy. Recent FIFA games have been very good - I just don't think they're full-price-new-game-every-year good.

EA Sports FC 24 will launch on September 29th, after a week of early access for those who pre-order.

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