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Elden Ring Godrick boss fight walkthrough: How to beat Godrick the Grafted

Learn how to beat Godrick the Grafted with our walkthrough

Need some help beating Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring? I don't blame you. He's a perilous enemy, and possibly the most dangerous foe you've encountered so far (depending on how much you've explored thus far). Godrick's demise will signal the end of the Limgrave segment of the main story, so let's get cracking with our top tips and tricks on defeating Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Godrick the Grafted boss fight walkthrough

Congratulations! You've taken your first strong steps into Elden Ring with the vanquishing of Margit, the Fell Omen, and the storming of Stormveil Castle. But now comes the true test. Through the mist wall beyond the Secluded Cell lies Godrick the Grafted. The least and most distant of Queen Marika's relatives, Godrick has taken to grafting extra limbs onto his body to try to match the strength of the other Great Rune-holders.

As a result, Godrick's misshapen form can make it rather difficult to read his attack patterns, and his wild swings and later flame attacks are very punishing if you mistime your dodge-roll. Below we'll walk you through our top tips on beating Godrick; but first, let's have a look at how I managed it.

Godrick the Grafted boss fight video walkthrough:

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How to beat Godrick: top tips for success

Here are our top tips for succeeding in your fight against the first Great Rune-holder, Godrick The Grafted:

  1. Split Godrick's attention by summoning Nepheli Loux
  2. Godrick's laugh means you should keep your distance
  3. Attack from behind during Godrick's phase transition
  4. Watch out for the dragon bite attack
  5. Don't get greedy: keep your distance during the flame attacks
The player speaks to the warrior Nepheli Roux in Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring.
Speak to Nepheli in order to enlist her aid in the fight.

1. Split Godrick's attention by summoning Nepheli Loux

On the approach to Godrick's arena, just past the barricades guarded by Warhawks there is a doorway on the right. There you'll meet the warrior, Nepheli Loux. Exhaust her dialogue, and she'll pledge to fight Godrick with you.

After this, you can summon Nepheli just outside the mist wall to Godrick's lair. She is likely to be a more powerful ally than any Spirit Ashes you can summon at this stage of the game, and while she won't deal a tremendous amount of damage to Godrick, she'll divide his attention, leaving you open to backstab him.

2. Godrick's laugh means you should keep your distance

One of Godrick's most dangerous attacks is a ground slam. A second or so after the slam itself lands, another, even more powerful and wider-ranging shockwave will emanate from Godrick's position. The best thing to do when he does this move is simply to keep your distance. Luckily, during Godrick's first phase he will preface this attack with a laugh, so keep an ear out for that.

In the second phase, this attack evolves: instead of a laugh it's a more subtle grunt, and there will be three slams instead of two. The third is delayed by an extra couple of seconds, so be wary. Again, keep your distance while this is going on.

3. Attack from behind during Godrick's phase transition

Deal enough damage to Godrick and it will prompt his second phase, and you'll watch a brief cutscene where he slices off his own arm and grafts on a dragon's head as a replacement. However, there's a brief amount of time between staggering Godrick and the cutscene beginning, where Godrick will start screaming. Stay to his sides or behind him to avoid his self-attack, but keep hacking away at him during these precious few seconds, because it's one of the only opportunities to safely deal damage in the entire fight.

The boss Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring attacks the player character with his dragon bite attack.
Godrick's dragon bite attack can spell instant death for many players. Keep an ear out for the dragon's roar.

4. Watch out for the dragon bite attack

Probably the most devastating of Godrick's attacks is the dragon bite in his second stage, where he scoops you up into his dragon's mouth and burns you. This is likely to be a one-hit-kill if you're caught.

Hopefully he will direct this attack at Nepheli rather than you, but you should be prepared for the attack. It doesn't have much of a windup, but a half-second before the attack, you'll hear the dragon start to roar. This is your cue to dodge.

5. Don't get greedy: keep your distance during the flame attacks

During Godrick's second phase, he just loves to use his newly grafted dragon head arm as a flamethrower. Your best bet is to utilise the terrain elevation, and to keep your distance as much as possible. He'll always begin his second phase with one of these attacks; run backwards at the start in an attempt to bring Nepheli out of danger.

You'll also notice one or two moments in the above video where I could have attacked while Godrick was occupied roasting Nepheli, but I instead chose to keep my distance. The fire attacks can be quite unpredictable, sometimes glitching through uneven terrain and hitting you unexpectedly. So I found it's best to simply play it patient and keep your distance whenever the dragon is doing its work.

Assimilate the above tips into your game plan for defeating Godrick, and with enough attempts you'll get the better of him. The key is persistence. And once you beat him, you'll be finely rewarded, with your first Great Rune. If you want to know how to activate it, be sure to check out our guide on how to find the Divine Tower of Limgrave in Elden Ring. While you're here you can also check out our guide on the best early-game weapons in Elden Ring.

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