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Elden Ring: How to beat Margit, the Fell Omen

Here's how to beat Margit, the Fell Omen

Want to know how to defeat Margit, the Fell Omen in Elden Ring? Unless you're a seasoned Souls veteran (and perhaps even then), the grotesque and disdainful Margit is likely to give you a fair bit of trouble for deigning to approach Stormveil Castle. But there are a few practical tips and tricks you can use to make this boss fight much easier. Read on for our full Margit boss fight walkthrough.

Elden Ring Margit boss fight walkthrough

Margit is likely the first major boss you'll find in Elden Ring. This dangerous and disparaging enemy guards the entrance to your first major story destination: Stormveil Castle. With a wide variety of attacks which deal both physical and holy damage, he is a challenging foe for an early-game Tarnished.

If you need some help beating Margit, have a watch of the below video walkthrough to see how I did it. It may not be the cleanest kill as I was still learning the game at this point; but it gets the job done. Scroll a little further and you'll find our top tips for success against this powerful major enemy.

Margit boss fight video walkthrough:

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How to beat Margit: top tips for success

Here are our top tips for succeeding in your fight against the boss Margit, the Fell Omen:

  1. Purchase Margit's Shackle from Patches in Murkwater Cave
  2. Enlist the aid of Sorcerer Rogier and your Spirit Ashes
  3. Use Heavy Attacks to break Margit's Super-Armour
  4. Roll into his short combos, roll away from his long combos
  5. Stay away from the arena edges
Part of the Elden Ring map, with the location of Murkwater Cave marked.
Margit's Shackle is a useful tool against Margit, and can be purchased in Murkwater Cave.

1. Purchase Margit's Shackle from Patches in Murkwater Cave

There's an item you can procure ahead of time which is specially designed to make the fight against Margit a bit easier. Head to Murkwater Cave - a small cave off the river leading up from Limgrave's main bridge. Fight the boss, Patches, until he surrenders. Don't kill him. Next time you return to Murkwater Cave, he'll have a shop open where you can purchase Margit's Shackle for 5,000 runes.

Margit's Shackle can be used up to twice in the Margit fight, but only during Margit's first phase (before he whips out his Holy Hammer at around half-health). After that, the item has no effect. When activated, it will cause Margit to topple to the ground and stay there for several seconds, allowing you to safely dish out at least a full combo of attacks on him. Make sure you use it twice early on before its usefulness runs dry.

2. Enlist the aid of Sorcerer Rogier and your Spirit Ashes

Just before you pass through the mist to fight Margit, look to the right and you'll see a golden rune on the floor. Whenever you see this, it's an indication that you can summon an NPC ally to help you in the coming battle. In this case, you can summon Sorcerer Rogier - a magic-wielder who doesn't deal much damage, but will happily tank some of Margit's attacks so you can engage him more safely.

You should also make use of your strongest Spirit Ashes in the fight, to divide Margit's attention. Lone Wolves are a decent summon here. They won't last too long against Margit's wide sweeping attacks, but every little helps.

The player in Elden Ring staggers and then crits Margit, causing blood to spray across the ground.
Break Margit's Super-Armour to stagger him, giving you an opportunity for a critical hit.

3. Use Heavy Attacks to break Margit's Super-Armour

Margit may be tough, but he can be staggered without too much trouble. Utilise the openings you've created by using Margit's Shackle and adding more targets to divide Margit's attention. Whenever he is attacking someone else or struggling to recover, hit him with Heavy Attacks to break through his Super Armour. Deal enough damage and you'll stagger him, giving you an opportunity to deal a Critical Hit for bonus damage.

4. Roll into his short combos, roll away from his long combos

I'd advise against blocking Margit's attacks, because his long-reaching and long-lasting combos will quickly stagger and kill you. If you're comfortable parrying, then more power to you: but if you're not, I'd strongly recommend dodge-rolling a lot during this fight.

Once you start to recognise Margit's attack patterns, try to roll away from his long combos ahead of time, to keep yourself out of his impressive range. But for shorter combos with just one or two attacks, roll into him instead. If you're a melee character, you should try to stay close to him, to prevent him from using his ranged attacks, and to capitalise on his staggered states.

5. Stay away from the arena edges

The edges of the arena are open, sheer drops, and it's very easy for one of Margit's attacks to push you off the edge, resulting in an instant death. Try to stay away from the edges, and never put yourself between Margit and a nearby edge.

Oh, and in case you were wondering - you can't push Margit off the edge. No easy way out of this fight, I'm afraid.

Keep the above tips in mind, and you'll find the fight against Margit in Elden Ring becomes much more manageable. If you want to come prepared for the next big boss fight against the lord of Stormveil Castle himself, check out our walkthrough on the Elden Ring Godrick the Grafted boss fight. You can also prepare yourself in other ways by checking out our guides on the best Elden Ring weapons and best Elden Ring armour that you can find early on.

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