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Elden Ring's new patch mainly targets hackers, couple more fixes too

Removes the bug where you could be stuck dying in a loop

Update 1.03.2 for Elden Ring dropped yesterday with a focus on removing several bugs, with the patch notes saying they had "fixed a bug in multiplayer that allowed players to teleport others to incorrect map coordinates." Oh, but, teleporting me to the right map coordinates is fine, huh FromSoftware?!

There's already several creative ways to bother people online while playing Elden Ring, but as Ed points out, cosplaying Thanos was one of the more destructive ways. There was an exploit that hackers could use where they could teleport you to a void, trap you in an infinite death loop, and completely torpedo your save.

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The patch notes also include a handful of other fixes, like "a bug that sometime prevented players from advancing NPC Nepheli Loux’s questline." Good luck figuring out if that happened to you or not. Apparently the Endure Ash of War wasn't triggering 100% of the time it was supposed to either, but it should be working fine now. They've also fixed a bug that previously caused you to die if you tried to descend from a certain spot near an area called the Bestial Sanctum.

Elden Ring got an update a week ago that was far more substantial. It increased the cast time of the Hoarfrost Stomp,and lowered its damage. It also decreased the Mimic Tear Ash's damage and changed its behaviour pattern. Bizarrely though, it added actual content too, like music at night time, new summonable NPCs, and a feature to your map that records where you met an NPC.

Great game. Really great game. When's the optimisation update? Come on, I just don't want it to stutter anymore. It's ruining my Kratos roleplay.

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