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Video: Hands On With Evolve

Like writing... but it moves

Evolve is from the makers of Left 4 Dead, and it's similar to its predecessor in that it offers asymmetric FPS multiplayer between four human soldiers and a player-controlled monster. The difference is that the monster is huge and evolving, and the different skillsets of the human characters need to be put to careful use if they're going to have any chance of succeeding.

We recently sent Angus Morrison to developers Turtle Rock Studios to have a play of some of Evolve's game modes and to talk to the team about what they've learned from MOBAs, what their intention is as far as esports goes, and how they suspect tactics will develop once the game is out in the wild. He returned clutching not just an article of words about the game, but a video - for those who like words and moving pictures. Fancy.

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