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Fallout 76 patched today, canvas bags to follow

Baby steps

Bethesda are correcting more of Fallout 76's slop, both in the game and the whole situation around it. Today brings a patch expanding the stash storage limit and fixing several crashes, among other things. And after silently swapping advertised canvas bags in the £175 'Power Armor Edition' for nylon ones, then offering a dribble of microtransaction currency in apology, Bethesda have relented and are having canvas bags made for the rubes. Congratulations on your enduring, hard-wearing reminder of that time you spent £175 on a bland game.

First, trash bags!

"We are finalising manufacturing plans for replacement canvas bags for the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition," Bethesda tweeted last night. They direct owners to submit a support ticket by January 31st, 2019. "We'll arrange to send you a replacement as soon as the bags are ready."

Expensive Collector's Editions are daft and you should know better than to buy them, let alone pre-order them, but rubes who paid for a canvas bag (among other trinkets, including a helmet and map) should receive the tat they paid for.

As for the patch, that's version coming our way today as a 36MB download. The main change is expanding the stash size by 50%, boosting it from 400lbs to 600lbs. Players should get more space for materials and knick-knacks later too.

"This is a conservative adjustment, and we plan to increase the storage cap further in the future once we've verified this change does not impact the stability of the game," Bethesda say.

The update also uncaps framerates, now that Bethesda have fixed the ha-ha-hilarious problem of players with higher framerates moving and acting faster. It also fixes a problem with boss loot, now guaranteeing 2-4 items depending on their level. And automatic weapons have a damage boost of about 20%. the patch notes for more.

Other much-requested changes are coming in next week's patch, the plan says. These include support for 21:9 resolutions, a push-to-talk option for voice chat, a field of view setting, and respeccing Special points.

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