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Fantasy RPG Greedfall 2 hits Steam early access this summer

And there's a new cinematic trailer to go with it

A woman with white painted stripes on her face in Greedfall 2
Image credit: Nacon

First announced in May 2022, colonial fantasy RPG Greedfall 2 now has a release window. It will be coming first to Steam early access later this summer, a new cinematic trailer from tonight's Nacon Connect stream has revealed, but don't worry if you haven't played the first game yet. This sequel is actually set three years before the events of 2019's Greedfall, and stars a completely separate protagonist.

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Developers Spiders will be going into more detail about Greedfall 2 in a Twitch stream later this evening, starting at 7pm GMT / 8pm CET. They'll be doing a live session with the game, so do check it out if the cinematic trailer above has whet your appetite.

Said trailer certainly looks very dramatic. I never quite got round to playing the original Greedfall, but some of the landscapes here look really quite captivating. Just look at those sun-dappled cliffs! Gorgeous stuff. Of course, what they'll actually look like in-game is yet to be seen. This is a cinematic trailer, after all, and it doesn't really give us much of an idea of what the core game will actually look and play like.

If there's one thing we can glean from this trailer, however, is that there will be lots and lots of fights. Its combat looks quite melee-focused, though the main character also looks to have a touch of magic about them, too. We also see them squaring up with three other folks toward the end of the trailer as a big gloopy magma monster rises up out of a pile of corpses, suggesting that your playable party will be a touch larger than the first game, which only let you have two pals with you at any one time. In an extra bit of dev chat after the trailer was shown during the stream, the developers say that combat is more tactical this time round, too, and that you'll be controlling all four characters at once. If it looks as punchy as the trailer implies, I'm all for it.

As per the game's Steam page, you'll be playing as your own customisable Teer Fradee native in Greedfall 2, who's taken away from their island home and plonked on the shores of new continent Gacane, which is the home of your colonial oppressors. Your main goal will be to regain your freedom over the course of the game, and you'll be doing that through cunning, diplomacy, or good old fashioned brute force, and you can either do it alone or with the help of friends you make along the way. Perhaps some of them will be those men and women with the guns and swords in the trailer. You'll also be able to romance those companions, too. Classic RPG fare, in other words.

It's certainly piqued my interest, and hopefully we'll find out more about Greedfall 2 in the months leading up to its early access launch later this summer.

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